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Wrestling Referee Warned Rep. Jim Jordan About Ohio State Doctor’s Sex Misconduct, New Lawsuit Says


A college” w” nestling referee said about the sexual misconduct by Ohio State University team doctor. He said that in the mid of the 1990s, the Ohio State University team doctor, Richard Strauss, masturbate in front of him, and the incident took place in the shower inside a locker room. As per his statement by the school referee, a new lawsuit was filed against the school.

Image Credit: CNBC

The lawsuit against the school

The school wrestling referee said that the warned Rep. Jim Jordan and another coach about the incident, but during that time, Jordan was an assistant Ohio State wrestling coach. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday, and as per that lawsuit, Jordan was informed about the incident, and at that time, Jordan and Hellickson responded: “that’s Strauss.”

On Friday, the announcement was made about the persuasive congressman assignment with the House of Intelligence Committee, and this was conducted on the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry. A day before the announcement, the allegation by the referee about Jordan’s acknowledgement about the misdeed came. The former wrestler previously accused Jordan at Ohio State University that he turned a blind eye to the abuse, which means Jordan knowingly ignored everything.

Last year during July, Jordan repeatedly denied the allegation about knowing the abuse. A congressman told Politico that Jordan does not know about the incident, and he also said that if he had any knowledge about the event, then he might have done something about the abuse and said he wants justice to happen.

According to the investigation, it was found that the doctor from Ohio State University has sexually abused at least 117 male students from 1978 to 1998. But the assistant coach never reported the incident to the university.