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WOW! Samsung Just Leaked Its New Smartphone Galaxy S8 In TV Ad


Recently, Samsung has released two different ads showing off its brand new AMOLED display. The displays of these two mystery phones are appealing to awesome and its unique design leads us to think and guess for 100% that it is none other than Galaxy S8. Now we all are waiting something mind blowing to launch this spring. In the going on series, the next Galaxy S phone has been in talk for months and the rumors have been stacking up. This would be the Samsung’s first phone since its disaster going up with note 7 which raise the awareness about the phone’s ‘safety record’ even more important than anything else in the world of smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone TV Ad

We’ve seen the potential Galaxy S8 renderings based on the rumors and they look damn close to what they’re displaying in these ads. It’s obvious that the phone in the display ads could just be a show off rendering or something other, a non galaxy prototype but we can’t neglect the fact that Samsung itself is the one releasing the images which fetched our attention.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone TV Ad
Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone TV Ad

The phone in the ad matches a few of the S8 rumors going on in the market, for example:

A high screen to body ratio with lessen up borders on the top and bottom.

A no home button – it is a unheard for a Samsung Galaxy phone which is giving an indication of an inbuilt finger print sensor built in the display.

The fact cannot be neglected that the phone is being used to advertise Samsung’s new AMOLED display which could mean that the technology is making its path into the Galaxy S8’s screen. Until we don’t get to know that the AMOLED display will have a 4k resolution or not but, still it gives something to us to look forward for.