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Woman Charged With Murder After Delivering a Stillborn Baby With Meth in Its System


A Californian woman was arrested for a murder charge. The lady is accused of murdering her stillborn baby, using toxic levels of methamphetamine. The 25 years old lady delivered a dead boy. The medical professionals present in the room doubted that the baby was exposed to drugs, and informed the police, the authority revealed.

Image Source: NY Post

The body of the dead boy has been through an autopsy in the Kings County Coroner’s Office. The autopsy revealed that the baby was exposed to methamphetamine in the system, police said. After the confirmed information, the police department issued a warrant against the lady. The lady was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of first-degree murder. She is transferred to Kings County Jail in early Wednesday. Her bail amount is fixed with 5 million USD, jail record suggests. 

Justin Vallin, a Hanford PD Sergeant, revealed that the lady was carrying the baby for eight and a half months before the stillborn. The lady admitted that she took methamphetamine during pregnancy time. She took the drugs three days before the delivery, police said. 

The response from her attorney has not received yet. A relative of the lady said that three other children of the lady were also carrying meth in their system during their birth. 

History of Similar Cases

This incident is not the first time when a mother is charged with a murder case. There are multiple similar incidents recorded in the past as well. In 2007, Rennie Gibbs, a Mississippi teenager, accused of the same situation. The stillborn child was exposed to cocaine during her birth. 

Later medical examination termed it a homicide. Then after a long-fought legal battle, the case was dismissed in 2014. Another similar incident happened in 2013 when a lady attempted the murder of her baby before birth. The respective courts dismissed both claims after long fought judicial wars.