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White Teen Girl Detailed Plan For Racist Attack on Black Churchgoers in Notebook, Police Say


Police attested a 16 years old white teen-ager after getting information about her plan to attack a black church. The alleged teen was studying at Gainesville High School. She was planning to attack a historically famous black church at Gainesville in Georgia. The girl was planning to attack the church with the help of a knife, police revealed on Tuesday. 

Police said that the white girl was planning for several weeks to carry out an attack Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. She took several initial steps to implement the attack. She extensively researched the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and visited once this month.

Image Credit: Washington Post

A student from the same school overheard the plan and informed the school administration. After police know about the planning, they took the girl in custody. The girl now will face criminal charges of attempt to murder. Sgt. Kevin Holbrook stated that the girl is not having an attorney for the time being.

The girl was targeting Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church due to the African origin congregants, and relatively low security, police revealed after primary investigation. The investigating officer said that the girl is a racist, and he has all the evidence in the world to prove his statement. Police confirmed that the girl was planning alone about the attack. Once the cops got confirmed information, they have allotted the pastor of that church about the incident. 

A trustee of the church, Shana Ramsey, criticized the alleged plot in a strong word. I could not believe that such kind of hatred exists in the world, she revealed. 

Reaction from the School

In the statement, the superintendent of the school, Jeremy Williams, said that the school does not represent or support the girl’s ideology. We celebrate diversity in the country and extremely stunned by this act. However, he praised the students, who informed the administration about such a dangerous attack.