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When And Where To Watch The International Space Station


International Space Station is one of the most astonishing places ever made by humankind. The collaboration of several nations is the reason behind the success that we have achieved until now. International Space Station is a place which resides in the space where several astronauts perform their duties to research and study the space and the earth and other celestial bodies which exist out there in the space. Those who wish to see the International Space Station have a golden chance to complete their dream to see the International Space Station by their own eyes. This is the time of the year when the International Space Station is going to be on its prime position as it will be visible at times during the night.

Image Courtesy: New Scientist

The most interesting part of the news is that the ISS will be visible by the naked eyes up in the sky. All you need is the perfect direction where you can look up and watch the amusing man-made object in the entire world. In San Diego, California which is a state in the United States, International Space Station was visible on Friday which was June 7. The ISS was visible at the height of 42° to 25° above the West North West Direction and disappeared at 24° above South. The ISS was just visible for just three minutes. Next day on the day of Saturday, June 8, the ISS was visible for four minutes at the height of 86° it appeared clearly when it reached the height  46° above northwest direction and disappeared in the southeast direction at the height 11°. On Sunday, the ISS was visible from 9:07 PM and stayed for 4 minutes above the west direction at the height of 10° and disappeared at the height of 10° above south-southwest direction. Now, according to NASA, the ISS will be visible from San Diago County on Monday. It will be visible from 8:18 PM for just four minutes. The maximum height of the ISS is going to be 25° and will be visible at the height of 22° above west-southwest direction and will disappear at the height of 10° above south direction.