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Watch Upcoming Logan Movie New Trailer 2 HD Video


The two weeks in the series have been awesome for the fans waiting eagerly awaiting the third Wolverine movie, Logan. The official pictures have created the reports which depict a rough picture of what story is all about. The photos have made it transparent that this will be a bleak tale. It says that words and images can’t depict the joy that one feels when watching the first trailer for a highly anticipated blockbuster, Logan’s trailer has finally arrived.

Watch Logan Movie New Trailer 2 HD Video

The faded and broke voice of professor Charles Xavier asks Logan that what he has done, he isn’t going to be the shining person needed by X-men for decades. That’s because, in this harsh reality, Mutants are nowhere. James Mangold seems to have to drop his main character in the bloody western, not a shining or bright superhero.

Logan Movie New Trailer 2
Logan Movie New Trailer 2

This final and solo movie for this hero is perfectly going to depict the type of story which if you know anything about wolverine from the pages of popular Marvel’s comic. This is the third story in the line of the perfect series of this story. As this is not a DC so, it will not be doom and gloom at all. There’s a young girl who is just like logan and she needs his help. We know that X23 has the claws in the comic and due to the claws looking alike to the wolverine, also having the healing factor. Logan is defending himself because of her claws in the Shot depicted in the trailer.

A lot of questions popping out in mind of fans are still unanswered from the Logan trailer. Donal Peirce (played by Boyd Holbrook) appeared to be the Villain of the movie and Peirce seems to have an army of armed guards known as reavers. However, Hugh Jackman’s body is now able to be scarred in his advanced age here. This is not going to be the old man Logan storyline from the comic books. People going to bookstore might be hoping to get more details about the third and final wolverine movie.

Logan claws its way into theaters on March 3, 2017.