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Walmart Reopens El Paso Location Where 22 Were Killed in Mass Shooting


It took time, but finally, Walmart has reopened its El Paso store after a long three months. The event, where a gunman killed around 22 people had made Walmart close its store. During the occasion, customers were found waiting outside of the Cielo Vista Walmart’s entrance. 

The El Paso Strong banners were draped at the stores, and the employees of Walmart could be seen cheering. They clapped and happily greeted the customers inside the stores, handing out the banners. A customer from the area said that they know it will be safe again. The employees should move on. Before the customers were allowed to enter the store, Walmart unveiled a banner, saying “El Paso Strong.”

Image Credit: Fox News

People love this store

During the opening event, Robert Evans, Store manager, found standing at the front gate and greeting customers. He is the man who saved lives during the shooting event. He offered a hug to Emma Gandara, 86 years old, who lost her friend in that event. Expressing her happiness, she said that she loves this store. She has been here for years, and every employee is very friendly. She stated that people don’t need a considerable level of security, as El Paso is safe. 

What’s new in the store? 

Walmart does not just reopen its store; it has also changed a lot of things. People found every single feature appears new. There are shiny and beautiful concrete floors and an enlarged area for self-checkout. Besides, Walmart also has changed the design of the shopping cart. Instead of a blue handle, there will be now orange handles. 

Talking about the most significant changes, the store has now automated security gates. All the customers will have to go through a checkout line for the exit. Walmart has started to employing such types of security gates in its stores after the incident, said the senior director of communications of the company, Delia Garcia.