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Venus Was The First Planet Where Habitat Existed


The Earth is said to the only planet on which the habitat exists since the Solar System was made. And Earth is the only place where you can find oceans and some specific gasses. But seems like we have been kept in the dark all this time. As per the latest studies, it was found that Venus also had habitat existence like three billion years ago. The scientists also claim that Venus was just the same as our Earth as Venus had a lot of oceans like Earth.

Image Courtesy: Science News

As per Darby Dyar, a planetary scientist at Mount Holyoke College with NASA’s Solar System Exploration team, “That’s what sets my imagination on fire. If that’s the case, there was plenty of time for evolution to kick into action.” When Dyar was in the research it made him realize that Venus was the first planet to have the same habitat as Earth. The report published in Nature said, “Venus must have been a place where life was just as likely to arise as it was on Earth.”  Many agencies like NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), and Russian space agency Roscosmos are also planning to visit Venus. On the other hand, ISRO which stands for Indian Space Research Organization has already planned their visit on the planet Venus. ISRO will be sending its spacecraft in 2023. Why are we investing so much time looking for life on Mars when it only had liquid water for 400 million years?” Dyar asks. “And then there’s Venus with three billion years of water and no one loves her.”  Venus is one of the deadliest planets in the entire universe as the clouds there are made of sulfur and the maximum temperature of the surface of the planet can reach up to 400 °C which is pretty hard for anyone or anything to visit the planet.