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Venice Film Festival Review – Wasp Network


Venice Film Festival Review

The Venice film festival of 2019 started on the 28th of August and ended on the 7th of September. There were dozens of films being displayed at the festival but ‘Wasp Network’ is one of the most attractive films.

Venice Film Festival Review - Wasp Network
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Its premiere was held on 1st September 2019. The film is written and directed by Olivier Assayas. It has been ranked as one of the essential films. It is an adaptation from Fernando Morais’s book ‘The Last Soldier of The Cold War’.

The film is about international surveillance and spying. It is a great combination of tragedy and comedy, the story is about the era when the Berlin Wall had freshly fallen and a number of people from among the masses presumed that the Communist Regime of Fidel Castro will also fall in a matter of days. The film grasped so much attention because it is filmed in Havana the capital of Cuba so the people who watch it find it close to reality.

Right in the first scene of the movie one can see a soldier with a strong and muscular body kissing his wife and daughter farewell one early morning in their flat in Havana. The role of the pilot Rene Gonzalez is played by Edgar Ramirez and the role of Olga his wife is played by Penelope Cruz.

The pilot has to take with him some parachutists with him who can dive from the plane, he will return before dinner. The film has a lot of interesting twists that keep the viewers captivated and fully attentive. In the very first twist of the movie, the pilot secretly enters the control tower and disconnects the radio, so that he could fly his small plane past the ocean to Miami.

The U.S Media

Leaving the family alone was a very harsh experience for him. Talking to the U.S. media the pilot says that he had no patience left to see the hardships the Cuban people were going through. In the Film, the pilot gets connected with an organization that is formed to help the converts and as a pilot, the hero of the film helps the people trying to cross the ocean on rafts.

Another absconding pilot Juan Pablo Roque (Wagner Moura) is a charmer who effortlessly charms Ana Magarita Martinez (Ana de Armas). He readily joins the organization working against Castro but both the companions have different goals in their minds. When Rene works to help his fellow ”free Cubans” his other friend has to collect all the money he possibly could. He wants to buy designer jewelry and clothes. He betrays the anti-Castro organization by drug dealing and by informing the FBI about its activities.

According to some of the critics ‘the wasp network’ is a bit overstuffed in its first hour and the viewer stays confused about the jobs of the two pilots. After the first hour, the parts of the film start falling in place when there is a voiceover explaining something and a footer that rewinds the story to “four years earlier”.

It isn’t easy to keep track of the men’s succession of jobs and contacts in the film’s overstuffed and episodic first hour, but then everything clicks into place with a sudden split-screen, a voiceover, a thrum of surf guitar, and a caption that rewinds the narrative to “four years earlier”. This can be called a detailed introduction of the film ‘Wasp Network’ itself.

Wasp Network

The “wasp Network” is a group of people who are staying at Miami to spy on the activities of the anti-Castro organization. The leader of the group is Gael Garcia Bernal who has grey hair and a bushy and goatee beard; he is an officer of Cuban secret service. This new network is structured with some of the Pro Castro agents living in Miami to spy on the activities of the anti-Castro agents.  The film is full of so many surprises that you can’t just sit and watch it you have to talk about it. At times in the movie, you might even feel the ground slipping away from under your feet.

The film is made in an interesting way that the viewers keep on assessing the roles of the characters and find it hard to favor one of them,

The story of the film has some concerns about the children and women too. When the hero of the film stays in Florida for a daredevil mission Olga his wife, has to take care of their daughter and resolve all the issues that she has to face in the upbringing of her daughter. She had to work in a tannery where she has to face a lot of humiliation as people call her the wife of a traitor. With the passage of time life becomes tougher for Olga. The struggle of Olga is also explained with much intensity in the film. According to the critics, not all the spy films give so much coverage to the families of the spies and the problems that they face.

Final words

There are very few spy films that tell the viewers about the sacrifices that people have to make and the hardships that they see in order to follow their conscience truthfully. The movie tells the people about the ethical issues that the spies have to face. According to film critics, the Wasp Network with all its flaws is still a very entertaining movie for most of the viewers.

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