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Utah Woman Charged With Lewdness After Being Topless In Her Own Home


In a bizarre incident in Utah, it was learned that a woman who is a mother of three children is charged with indecency by officials. Currently, she was fighting with the charges of misdemeanour lewdness, which involves the child.

Image Credit: NPR

In the incident, it was said that she walked right into her child’s room without any dress in her own home. All of these happen in front of her stepchildren. Now with the case being filed in the Utah court, it was said that the court now will have to rethink the state laws about topless. The next hearing is scheduled for Tuesday. 

What is the argument from their side?

As per the attorney of that woman, she said that the charges that are field against Tilli Buchanan are unconstitutional. It is because she was charged with indecency in front of her children, and at the same time, their father, too, was shirtless in front of them. But despite that, he is not being charged with any things till now. 

In a statement from Buchanan, she said that all these things are happening inside her home in privacy. And at the same time, her husband too present near her and in the same manner as she was standing there. So, what is the point of getting charged for lewdness for one person and not on others?

When they are being asked about why they are topless, Buchanan said that she, along with the husband, is doing work in the garage. So, not to make the clothes dirty, they have taken off their shirts. 

According to the lawyer, she said in a statement that Buchanan has said to kids that she is a feminist, and there is no problem if you start to move around the house without wearing any shirts or any other place.