Home Headlines Ukraine to Investigate Natural Gas Company Tied to Joe Biden’s Son

Ukraine to Investigate Natural Gas Company Tied to Joe Biden’s Son

Ukraine to Investigate Natural Gas Company Tied to Joe Biden’s Son
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KIEV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s top legal official stated on Friday that an official probe has been launched to investigate the linkage between Joe Biden’s son and owner of natural gas company.

Prosecutor general of Ukraine, Mr. Ruslan Ryaboshapka, held a press conference to address this issue and informed reporters that they are also looking into fifteen high profile investigations halted or dismissed by his predecessors. Washington was busy dealing with the news of impeachment inquiry to look into the potential misuse of the presidential powers by Donald Trump to force Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, when Hunter Biden’s news broke out this past Friday.

However, Ryaboshapka told the news reporters that both events are not related, and they are already investigating the Hunter Biden involvement with Ukraine’s natural gas company or an alleged misuse of power by Joe Biden to halt the ongoing investigation into Burisma, Ukraine’s natural gas company.

Mr. Trump and his lawyer, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, are alleging Joe Biden which has caused a backlash by the Democratic lawmakers to impeach US president.

In 2016, similar probe into the money laundering and tax evasion into Burisma’s owner was closed by ex-prosecutor general, Yuriy Lutsenko, although that case was not focused on Hunter Biden. The case did not focus on Hunter Biden. Also, there were no clear evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement into dismissal of previous prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, who was widely seen as obstacle to reforming the Ukraine’s corrupt culture by Ukraine’s anti-corruption investigators as well as by International Monitoring Fund and European Union.

Friday’s press talk was Ryaboshapka’s first public appearance since taking up the current role and he made clear that an audit has been planned to investigate into Mr. Burisma.  Deputy prosecutor general, Vitali Kasko, told USA TODAY that the affidavit submitted by the Victor Shokin which highlighting the claims of his dismissal in 2016 has no merit. According to Mr. Shokin his dismissal was due to the investigations lead by him to look into the Bursima’s involvement in misusing his power and alleged corruption. Kasko told USA Today that “Shokin is not a reliable person”.

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