Home Headlines Trump Throws Middle East Policy Into Turmoil Over Syria

Trump Throws Middle East Policy Into Turmoil Over Syria

Trump Throws Middle East Policy Into Turmoil Over Syria
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Washington-The US President Donald Trump disrupts the Middle East Policy on Monday with a number of signs that were against his pledge to call back the American army from the area started off protests among the American Allies and congressional republicans.

Defending his stance upon the withdrawal of forces from Syria President trumps said that it was time for the American forces to retreat and let the Turkish military resolve the issues with The Kurds who were the allies of the Americans. In his White House Syria and let the others (Kurds and Turks) figure out the situation.

This announcement from the President Trump has raised a lot of questions about America’s loyalty with its strongest Allies as it has abandoned its allies and left them alone to resolve all their issues by themselves. Many of the strongest allies of America have condemned his decision in so harsh a language that has never been seen before about America’s foreign policies decisions made by the president. In response to the criticism president Trump said that he would confine Turkey.

US President Donald Trump

Using twitter to share his point of View the US President Donald Trump said that he had already said before but wants to send a reminder to the people concerned. If Turkey takes some steps that are off limits in the eyes of the wisest person on earth like Donald Trump he would definitely destroy the economy of Turkey as he had done in the past. In his tweet the US president did not tell what he means by going off limits but he certainly told the world that he did not give a green signal to the invasion.

An official representing the Defense Department of America said that the threat that the US president gave to Turkey about destroying its economy is a real signal of his disapproval of attacks on Kurds by the Turkish military.

Just like the US President the Defense Department of USA also made it clear to Turkey that the removal of American Army from the region should not be misunderstood as an approval of Turkish attack on Northern Syria. A spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman, representing Pentagon stated in his statement about the withdrawal of American forces that the American forces will not be involved or support any operation.

All these statements were not enough to clear the doubts that have been rising in the minds of the republicans. So, the majority leader of Republicans of the state of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell warned the government about the troop’s withdrawal from Syria saying that this act of President Trump will only benefit Iran, Russia, and the president of Syria. He stressed that America should not call back its forces and should try to apply American Leadership.

Foreign Leaders

The announcements made by the US president has prevailed much confusion among foreign leaders from among his allies, the supporters of his government and the military personnel as well as all his companions. His aides have been busing trying to interpret his announcements to the best of their meanings and make estimates of its consequences. The US president has been displaying much restlessness about getting the US army out of overseas confrontations against each other, but has been forced by his allies and establishment of national security to reverse his decisions.

If the President of USA keeps his decisions unchanged he might have to face a lot of criticism from the US allies who have been raising questions about the loyalty of America towards its allies. The alliance can get disturbed by the decisions made by Donald Trump in which he leaves his allied alone in eth time of need.

Reportedly, the US president had a conversation with the president of Turkey that was mostly about the American assistance in defense and trade. By the end of the phone call the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told Donald Trump. That he was about to make the move he has been threatening about, and that is sending its troops over the border to fight against the US allies, Kurds. The US president replied instinctively that he was calling his troops back from Syria.

According to the interpretation from the aides of Donald Trump the president meant that he did not approve the incursion by Turks. Instead of prolonging the phone call he ended it and later that night he issued a statement in which he announced the pulling back of 50 troops that were trained for special operations and helped keep the Turkish troops from entering Syria.

Democrats and Republicans

Right from the Monday morning both Democrats and Republicans started registering their complaints against the decision made by the US president Donald Trump. All the complaints had one thing in common and that was the result of abandoning one of the best US allies ‘The Kurds’. The complainants said that this step of the president will provide freedom to oppress to the most threatening opponents of the US.

While talking on Fox News a republican senator from south Carolina Lindsay Graham who is also the most out spoken supporters of the US president Donald Trump said that she was ready to do anything that she could to put sanctions of Turkey if they tried to enter the north eastern border of Syria. She further said that if Turkey steps into Syria to attack Kurds her relationship with Turkey will get adversely affected. She told the public that most of the members of congress have the same feelings.

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