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Trump Taps Cancer Specialist From Texas Hospital to Run FDA


Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump has selected a hospital executive and cancer specialists to handle the Food and Drug Administration. As per the information, if it is true, then Dr Stephen Hahn, working at MD Anderson Cancer Center as the Chief Medical Executive, located in Houston, will manage the FDA. He will lead the Food and Drug Administration’s various health issues, ranked as high-profile, which include the prescription opioid epidemic and minor vaping problems.

Image Credit: NBC News

This announcement came to the front on this Friday from the White House. It may be noted that in April, Scott Gottlieb, Trump’s first commissioner, stepped down from the post since that FDA has not had any permanent head. Even though the announcement was made officially, the Senate will still have to vote on to confirm Hahn for the post. 

About FDA

The Food and Drug Administration controls different types of consumer goods, which include medical devices, prescription drugs, cosmetic products, vaping & tobacco products, and more. The headquarter of the FDA is located in the Maryland suburbs, Washington. 

What will Hahn deal with? 

As the head of the Food and Drug Administration, he is expected to handle a list of works that kicked off by Gottlieb. The plans include steps to make cigarettes and tobacco less addictive by reducing the level of nicotine and recalculating the benefits and risks of consuming opioid painkillers. 

Hahn may face a stiff condition to address an array of issues during the Trump presidency. He is expected to go through intense questioning by the Senate about his approach or plant to controlling electronic cigarettes. 

About Dr Stephen Hahn

Dr Hahn is a cancer radiation specialist. He received his degree in medicine from Temple University, located in Philadelphia. He is also a member of “the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Radiation Research Society, and more.