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Trump Says ‘New York Can Never Be Great Again’ Under Cuomo, de Blasio


The U.S. president Donald Trump hit back at Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo about their ongoing dispute on the president’s residency. Talking about this, on Friday, Trump said that under their leadership, the state would never be great again in the future.

Image Credit: E-News

Just before his Tupelo, Mississippi rally, Trump tweeted that he loves New York, but the current leadership of Cuomo and DeBlasio will not let New York be great again. Trump further wrote that Cuomo used the prosecutors to carry out the dirty works. This is the reason why Trump has chosen Florida as his primary residence instead of New York. He tweeted, for this reason, some don’t want to live in the city, and they are now leaving New York. Trump, on Thursday, informed that he would choose Florida as his primary residence place.

Further, Trump has condemned the leadership of the stated based on some ongoing issues, such as jobs, laws & orders, and energy issues. He wrote, in New York, the Taxes and energy costs are quite high. NYS is now getting unsafe and dirty.

In July, Trump called out de Blasio and said he had not taken enough steps to defend police officers of NYC from harassment and abuse. Well, responding to this statement, De Blasio said that Trump would not be allowed in New York City after his presidency. De Blasio also stated that Trump, who has established his empire in NYC, doesn’t understand the city properly.

Many Trump allies have responded to the comments given by Cuomo and De Blasio. Kellyanne Conway, the Senior White House aide, said that the governor’s remarks at Trump were deplorable.
It is expected that on Saturday, Trump may attend a mixed martial arts fight, which will be held on Madison Square Garden.