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Trump Ramps Up Attacks On ‘Deep State,’ Focuses On Pentagon Amid Eddie Gallagher Controversy

Trump Ramps Up Attacks On 'Deep State,' Focuses On Pentagon Amid Eddie Gallagher Controversy
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Washington- after testing the loyalty of different intelligence agencies the US President Donald Trump and his important allies are concentrating on the military, signifying without any evidence that a “deep state” has joined the resistance in Pentagon.

The oratorical attack by President Trump came into notice this week within a controversy started with President Trump’s interference in Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s case, a conservative cause declared innocent from charges of using a knife to kill a prisoner of an Islamic State.
The US President copied the critics while talking about cancelling the demotion of Gallagher and ordering that he can maintain his status of a SEAL, and issuing exonerations for two army officers involved in cases of war crimes this month. This incident led to the removal of the Secretary Navy Richard Spencer who probed Trump’s decision to domineer the US military system of Justice.

While talking to a rally in Florida on Tuesday the US President said “I stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state” he was clearly connecting the army to his concept of the deep state for the very first time. He asked the people that they knew what he was talking about; he even said that there were many people who did not want him to do that.

According to sources, the president did not personally use the phrase “deep state” ever before especially in connection with the Department of Defense, this idea has taken the social as well as conservative media by storm for last few weeks. One of the officers that the US president pardoned this month 1st Lt. Clint Lorance while talking to Newsmax claimed that “a big majority” of the “people with stars on their collar that work in Pentagon” are a part of what the president calls “deep state”.

Mr. Clint Lorance called those army officers “corrupt” but he did not have any proof to back his claims. Clint was convicted of a second degree murder in 2013 as he ordered his men to open fire on three Afghan men two of those men died.

Republican Duncan Hunter, R- Calif who is one of the close Allies of President Trump Raised the phrase in one of his tweets in which he praised the president for his role of an advocate for Gallagher this month. Hunter Wrote to Trump and assured him his support in future too against the “deep state” military. Hunter did not elaborate the term nor did he name any particular person.

Just a few hours after the remarks of Donald Trump a column was published in Fox News, the headline of the column cleared that Spencer’s actions were a proof of the existence of the “deep state”. Even the opposition of Trump remained silent during the political games at Pentagon during which some of the colleagues of Gallagher swore against him.

The members of his team told the prosecutors that he took shots randomly sometimes into buildings where according to his claims he took someone’s life, as mentioned in the documents that Navy Times reviewed. Another person who was also a SEAL told the court that he has seen Gallagher fire randomly at an unarmed crowd numerous times at distance exits at the Pentagon.

One more thing was not mentioned: Trump nominated some of the same members at the pentagon in the middle of the theories of conspiracy and Spencer was one of them. Spenser is a retired marine as well as a donor to the republicans. On Monday, Spencer while talking to the CBS news said that the US Presidents involvement to rescue a convicted SEAL is a clear signal that any military member can do wrong and get away with it.

Gallagher was declared innocent of the most severe charges against him, in July he was convicted of posing for a picture with a dead body.

According to the records the US President Donald Trump first used the term “deep state” on the social media website twitter in the year 2017. He retweeted a tweet posted by a host from Fox news Sean Hannity about “the Deep State’s allies in the media,” according to the data gathered about the President Trump’s posts by the famous website Factba.se.

As most of the informers and members of his own government have stepped forward as part of the impeachment inquiry started by the democrats, the President has been depending more and more on the phrase “deep state” both on stage and on the social media posts. In only this year the term “deep state” has been used by President Trump 17 times which is a three times increase since the year 2018. It is reported that the President of USA has been using the phrase even more in his political rallies during this year.

While talking to an audience in Kentucky earlier this month the President said that “the deep state and the failed ruling class are trying to resist any changes in their failed policies of the past”. A few days before the Kentucky Visit the president whole talking to the audience in Mississippi he said that “the deep state are desperate to stop us.”

A few months back the President while talking at the White House claimed that he did not like using the phrase at all. He said that there are a lot of people who use the phrase “deep state” “but I don’t say deep state”. He even said that there were many bad people who are now being caught.

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