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Trump Louisiana Rally with Little League World Series Winners


President Trump organized his second rally at Louisiana, where he fired crowd by talking about ‘corrupt’ Democrats.

Ahead of Saturday’s primary election, Trump hosted a rally at Lake Charles Civic Center on Friday for Republic candidate for Louisiana Governor.

Trump slammed House Democrats over the impeachment inquiry, saying: ‘The radical democrat policies are crazy. The politicians are corrupt. Their candidates are terrible.

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‘They know they can’t win an election so they are pursuing and illegal, invalid and unconstitutional, bulls**t impeachment,’ he continued.

Crowd busted with foul language, and Trump went on to call Democrats ‘corrupt’ and accuse them of trying to ‘kick him out’ of office.

2019 Young winners of Little League World Series accompanied him to Louisiana on Air Force One. Trump had met with Eastbank All-Stars, a team from suburban New Orleans at White House on early Friday. He again met with players at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where they boarded the same plane.

Trump invited young players on stage, during a rally to congratulate them on our phenomenal season and win.

Trump says he had grown accustomed to watching Japan winning the event. But before introducing the players one by one to the crowd, he said, ‘But this year you have the world champions.’

The boys shied when Trump asked them if they wanted to say anything, though one boy stepped up to the mic and said ‘Thank you for all the support,’ drawing cheers from the crowd.

‘Go get ’em kids. Thanks, fellas,’ said Trump. ‘They didn’t choke and we don’t choke. We don’t like chokers’.

Trump attacked his political rivals and wished Sanders a quick recovery, he also mentioned trade negotiations with China saying: ‘I just made a great China deal today.’

‘It’ll be 40 to 50 billion dollars in farm purchases – the biggest problem is, they said: ‘I don’t think our farmers can produce that much’,’ Trump went on.’ I will be in Louisiana tonight (Love it!) to get Republicans to vote for either of our two great Republican Candidates and force a runoff with John Bel Edwards,’ Trump said in one of several tweets about the Louisiana governor’s race.

Republican election is split between to candidates: Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone, both planned to attend Trump’s rally and both claim long-term support from Trump. ‘The president deeply cares about Louisiana. Louisiana loves President Trump. It is a match that is literally made in heaven,’ Abraham said.

President Trump returns to White House in Washington on early Saturday after Louisiana rally.