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Trump Asks Supreme Court to Shield His Tax Returns From Prosecutors, Setting up Historic Separation-of-Powers Showdown


On Thursday, President Donald Trump urged the Supreme Court to stop an ongoing investigation on his personal properties. As per the latest report, Donald Trump’s attorneys have asked the court to let Trump keep his tax return detail secret. It may be noted that this is the first time the personal financial matters of the President have made their way to the Supreme Court.

Image Credit: Washington Post

If the justices consider the case, it will then pave the way for a long-running dispute over the reach of presidential immunity and the impeachment fight in Congress. 

What can be the possible decision of the court? 

Well, some experts said that the Supreme Court can reject to hear the matter and can order Trump to disclose the tax return. In the file, Jay Sekulow, the counsel of the President, mentioned the importance of the hearing. He said that the President had asked the Supreme Court to consider the unparallel use of legal process against the office’s occupant.  

A local prosecutor recently launched a criminal investigation against the President, and this is something that is happening for the first time in the nation’s history. So, Sekulow asked the Supreme court to consider the case and to come up with and decide on the issues raised by the dispute. 

As per the sources, Donald Trump went to the Supreme Court to block the subpoena. While doing that, he claimed the Presidents of the United States are not subject to investigation while in the office. A panel of the United States Court and a district judge ruled against him and stated that the subpoena was correct and Mazars USA, President’s accounting company should comply. 

Judge Gregory Katsas, who previously worked in the Counsel’s Office of the White House, stated that the subpoena could affect Trump’s presidency negatively. 

Donald Trump is the first US President not to make his tax return detail public. All are now waiting for the final decision of the court.