Home Headlines Trump Asks Supreme Court To Block House Subpoena For His Tax Records

Trump Asks Supreme Court To Block House Subpoena For His Tax Records


In a recent move, President Donald Trump has asked the highest court to block the proceedings related to his tax filings. This is the second time in a row that the President has tried to stop the subpoena.

Digging Deeper into the Matter

The case has been filed by the House Oversight Committee, which has already issued its subpoena in March, which is directed at the President’s accounting firm Mazars USA. It was in October when a panel of three judges has directed that the House has legitimate factors to subpoena President Trump’s accounting records.

Image Credit: NPR

It was on Wednesday when the full U.S Court of Appeals dismissed an appeal by President Trump’s lawyers to reconsider the case. Furthermore, the President’s legal team has filed for a stay to Chief Justice John Roberts.

Events after the Rejection of Subpoena

Soon after the highest court rejected the plea, one of the President’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, released a press statement. The statement read that it was for the first time in the history of the United States that a sitting President was subpoenaed for the personal records. 

Furthermore, the move was marked Congressional to which the Supreme court had agreed. The decision was declared “wrong” and should be reversed, the statement directed. 

Case Proceedings and the Threat to Democracy

President Trump has been in the news since he held the office. Most of them have been for the wrongs while the President shares a sweet-bitter relationship with the Media Houses. 

The event does not seem to cool down anytime soon. In a court filing Friday, one of the Trump lawyers warned of the consequences of allowing the committee to access the President’s regular proceeding. The process of digging dirt for political advantages has also been marked as a dangerous move to gain political benefits.