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Trump and Dorian Hurricane: A Brief Timeline

Trump and Dorian Hurricane A Brief Timeline
Trump and Dorian Hurricane A Brief Timeline: Image Source

Nature has no concern with your post and your party affiliation. Hurricane will not alter its course for the Sake of President’s mistake that according to him wasn’t. Mr. Trumps continues to defend his false statement about the trajectory of storms trajectory and now he is obsessing the matter for days. On Thursday Mr. Trump called Fox News Journalist at Oval to argue on the issue of Alabama hitting by the Dorain Hurricane.

On 5th of September, Mr. President called Fox News correspondent to the white house. In this meeting, Mr. Trump argued with the correspondent and stressed him to acknowledge that he was not wrong.

It is not for the first time Hurricane is hitting the USA in Trump’s Government. America has 4 category 5 Hurricane Since MR. Trump is in office

IRMA (2017), MARIA ( 2017), MICHAEL( 2018), DORAIN( 2019)

Every time a category 5 Storms comes to Trump act like it’s never happening. Trump has a history of misstated the facts or has the expertise to misinterpreted the facts. The issue started after Mr. Trump addressed the media on the issue of Dorain Hurricane.

Here is a brief history of the issue

TimeLine of Misstated trajectory

On September 1st Mr. President discussed the impacts and trajectory of Dorain Hurricane while addressing the Media. Mr. Trumps misstated the trajectory of Dorain Hurricane. In his statement, he said that Dorain will hit Alabama.

The issue came into limelight when National Weather Service Birmingham (NWS) tweeted that “Alabama will not see any impacts from #Dorain”.

Trump started the controversy with a tweet, he said “In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated,”

On September 2nd Mr. Trump repeated the claim and he said media was wrong not he and criticized media

On 4th of September Mr. President, at Oval office, showed an outdated and altered map to the media to support his clams but it also didn’t work

Later on, in order to support his claim, he tweeted another older map which is unaltered but it was too old and it couldn’t valid his claim

Then he attempted again to valid his claim again and tweeted some other maps but nothing worked.

On 5th of September, Son of Trump, Eric Trump tweeted a map which is of 29 August, 3 days earlier than the Mr. Trumps claims, in this Map NOAA claim that there are chances that Alabama would likely hit by the #Doorain. There are 5 to 20 % chances of it.

Later on, South Florida Water Management District told media agency that it produces hundreds of graph daily based upon every update

On the Same day Mr. President tweet some other pictures of Maps that were of 29 & 30 August to strengthen his claim and also criticized the media.

On 5th of September, Mr. President called Fox News correspondent to the white house. In this meeting, Mr. Trump argues with the correspondent and stressed him to acknowledge that he was not wrong

On 5th of September, Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism Advisor, Rear Admiral Peter Brown stated through the White House platform that he briefed the whole issue to Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump statement was based on that briefing and in that briefing, it was also told to President that NOAA forecasted the possibility of Dorian would hit Alabama. According to a news agency president, Trump ordered Mr. Brown to record this statement.

Mr. Trump is facing much criticism from the meteorologist and journalist for his act of stupidity, he continues to defend his false claim.

As Mr. Brain Mcnoldy, research associate at the University of Miamis, told BuzzFeed News”You don’t want a hurricane to become a Democrat or Republican object,” Moreover he said that  “A hurricane doesn’t care what political party you’re affiliated with, and I really hope it doesn’t turn into that.”

Many meteorologists supported NWS Birmingham, however, NWS also faces criticism that there claim was not true as according to some  reports there were chances that Alabama got hit by the Dorain

Let’s see what happen next. Will Mr. Trump continues to defend his false claim or will he admit his fault? It might be an unintentional statement but Mr. Trump way of defending this claim clearly depict that he just have an egoistic issue on this matter.

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