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Triple Leak Reveals Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Exciting New Design Pattern Pictures


Good News for all the users who were eagerly waiting for Galaxy S8 Design has now leaked. Until the last week, the Galaxy S8 was a well-kept secret. Now the floodgates have opened, and less than three sources have revealed Galaxy S8 images.

Galaxy S8 Design Finally Revealed In A New Leak

The Samsung Galaxy has been the much-awaiting smartphone, and it is estimated that Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors are finally going to hit the market in the month of February 2017. So this device is going to be a grand release throughout the world, and it’s going to be the best smartphone in Samsung series. So get ready for the great release of this latest smartphone. Rumors have spread that it is going to be the most stylish smartphone ever with its brilliant folding technology and have even more advanced features when compared to any other Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the ‘S’ series.


The Galaxy S8 is the most expected mobile this year along with the iPhone 8, and many rumors are suggesting many things about the specifications and features that this flagship could wear. A couple of weeks ago, the Samsung Galaxy S8 released in New York City. A new leak has just revealed on it’s possible to design, giving tech enthusiast a very clear idea of how this smartphone might look.

The New Leak Confirmed Some Previous Rumors

According to the International Business Times, the images that are leaked come complete with 3D renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It shows a clear shot on the rear camera and the front camera as well. It also seems to be confirmed that the Galaxy S8 would allow Apple’s steps and remove the headphone. This is one of the unique and unexpected features of this smartphone. In fact, it will create a new experience for the users who have already used their products trends.

The Galaxy S8 contains an improved high-quality camera along with a new 8MP Selfie Snapper, which could make this flagship even attractive enough to restore the customer’s confidence in the brand. It comes with a smart watch which is always synchronized with the device and a remote control feature through which the device can be operated. So all the features of this phone which make it kind of interesting for the users to give an attractive and technical look. If you are thinking to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in ‘S’ series, then this is something that you have been waiting for a longer period. It precisely gives you all the features which you have never dreamed.