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Top News You Might Have Missed This Weekend


After enjoying the thanks giving celebrations this weekend you might have missed what has been happening all over the world and especially in your own country.

Top News You Might Have Missed This Weekend
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New Orleans: 10 people wounded by shooting rampage; No one arrested

In a shooting rage near French Quarter New Orleans on Sunday 10 people were injured, the people celebrating the win of their favorite Football team were desperately looking for a cover while police was in search of at least one gunman who shot at the crowd. The paramedics took the injured to the hospital where two of them were admitted and according to Shaun Ferguson who is NOPD Superintendent, they are in critical condition.

Ferguson told the media that only one suspect was seized near the shooting location but it is still not clear about the role of that suspect in the shooting incident. Shaun Ferguson said that there was heavy deployment of police already in the area as the annual Bayou football game between southern university and Grambling state university was planned to be played on Saturday.

According To News White House Won’t Be Participating in Hearing of House Impeachment

White House that claims that the impeachment investigations done so far are unfair told a committee of congressmen on Sunday that it will not participate in the new hearing that is going to take place this week. White House said that the inquiry of house impeachment case is totally baseless and extremely partisan and it has violated all the past precedents in the history of the country. Pat Cipollone the White House Counsel has written to Republican Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

In his letter he said that in the present circumstances the White House has no intentions of participating in the hearing that is to be held on Wednesday. The House Judiciary is the second committee to hold the hearing of the impeachment case, the investigation of which orbits around the accusations that Trump tried to get political advantages from Ukraine in return of the foreign aid that America provides.

A Plane Crashes In South Dokata, 9 Dead And 3 Injured

 According to the news that media received from the authorities 9 passengers have expired and 3 people suffer from injuries in the Saturday plane crash, when a small plane that is a single engine plane crashed in South Dakota. According to Peter Knudson of transportation board of safety, the flight was set for Idaho and the plane Pilatus PC-12 had 12 people on board which had to face a crash shortly after it took off from Chamberlain.

The youngest passenger on board was 7 years old and the oldest was 81. According to the reports from the officials two of the children are among the dead. As Chamberlain was under a winter storm, the harsh winter weather has been the main cause of delay in the investigations about the plane crash.

Travel In 30 States Affected By The Winter Storms

On Sunday a persistent and merciless winter storm was moving towards east from the plains and Midwest as the people were busy in celebrating thanksgiving. Those who heard about the oncoming storms rushed back home as there was a weather alert about many cities. According to the weather alerts heavy snow was seen moving towards the upper valley of Mississippi and Great Lakes of Northern area. According to AccuWeather strong winds could play an important role in adding to whiteout conditions even more.

According to the weather report presented by the senior meteorologist Alan Reppert at AccuWeather Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey might be facing some of the worst weather conditions that consist of wind, ice and snow on Sunday morning. According to AccuWeather a strong Nor’easter was striking with cold air to start the first heavy snow of the season that spread from New Jersey and will also affect Boston. The weather service informed that some areas might get one inch an hour of snow that might start from Sunday afternoon and last till Monday. Due to severe weather conditions 749 flights faced cancellation and thousands of them delayed.

Famous Actress Of ‘Will And Grace’ Shelly Morrison Dies At The Age Of 83

Shelly Morrison is the name of one of the best American actress whose career spans to 50 years. Her most famous role was that of a memorable maid in the show “Will and Grace”, she died at the age of 83. A supporter named Lori DeWaal informed the media that Morrison died on Sunday of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles.

She played a role of Rosario Salazar who is maid native to El Salvador in the original play of “Will and Grace” from 1999 till 2006. She was an important part of the cast of the show that was able to win a ‘Screen Actors Guild’ award for best comedy series that won the hearts of millions. Before the fame that she received through ‘Will and Grace” she played Sister Sixto in “The Flying Nun” was sent on air from 1967 to 1970. In this particular show she worked with Sally Field.

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