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Tillerson Denies Haley’s Claims of Taking Actions to Undermine Trump


Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State, denied the report of suggesting Nikki Haley, former American Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), to undermine President Donald Trump’s agenda on Monday. 

In her statement to Washington Post, Rex revealed that during his tenure as the Secretary of State, he never did any action to undermine the President or asked anyone to do so. Rex further told that the advises were always straightforward and frank. But once President took a call, the department tried its best to implement the idea.

Image Credit: NY Post

Rex Tillerson was acting as the Secretary of State during the first year of Trump’s tenure. He further revealed that Nikki Haley rarely participates in the meeting with President Trump. 

In her newly released book, Nikki Haley accused John Kelly, former White House chief of staff, and Rex Tillerson for asking her to undermine the President to save the country. Previously, John Kelly denied such a report.

Nikki Haley’s Claim

Nikki also criticized the move of these two accused of their actions. If they had some difference of opinion, they could speak to President, she added in her book. If the matter could not resolve, both should step down from their positions. She further claimed that Rex warned her for not supporting President Trump, and if she does, then people would die. Nikki criticized Rex in her book by saying Rex thinks that he knew everything better than everyone in the room, including the President. Nikki revealed that the advisors had obligations to carry out Trump’s decisions. 

Both Kelly and Rex had a rocky tenure. Rex stepped down from his post after a disagreement with President in March 2018. Previously, Rex criticized the Trump administration’s approach towards Iran. Kelly also resigned from his position in December 2018, after serving 17 months in the White House.

Nikki also criticized the Democrat’s move to impeach President Trump in her book.