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The Evolution of Tennis in Four Grips – FH News

The Evolution of Tennis in Four Grips
The Evolution of Tennis in Four Grips: Image Source

Tennis – Sport is a physical activity by which a player person improves the skills under a set of defined rules, and it is also for the purpose of entertainment for the spectators. There are numerous sports played in the world on a local and international level. Some are played for the glory, medals, and some played for the money won through competition. A lot of new players emerge in the sports arena as most of them are sponsored by the advertising companies.

Different sports are played under a different set of rules designed for single individual players or team of two persons to eleven most of the time. Sports have a long history and are played to improve athleticism and physical skill development. Tennis is also one of the most popular sports in the world.

A Glimpse at the History

The history of modern tennis is centuries old. The rules for the form of play we see nowadays were set in the late 19th century, originated in Birmingham UK. It is also known as lawn tennis as the court of the tennis are designed on the green fields mostly. Tennis is played with special designed oval-shaped rackets between one on one also known as single player and also in two v two players known as doubles.

The game is played on the point-based systems and in the form of sets of 1,3,5,7. Sets are based on the points won against an opponent when the player misses to hit the ball back to the serving player. Tennis is played and enjoyed by the millions of people around the world. There are four major tournaments Us Open, French Open, Wimbledon and Australia Open.

Modern Game of Tennis

The dynamics of the tennis game has changed over a period of time. The game is now faster than before as the new scientific innovations and physics are involved in the play. The game is played with a tennis racket, and a ball made from rubber also called tennis ball. As time has progressed, the new rules are also introduced along with the general improvement in the physics of the racket and ball itself. The professional players use a specially designed racket with new lighter and hard materials. The classic rackets were made of wood but later were replaced with metal and carbon metals. As is the case with the ball as they are designed under a certain pressure to maintain the speed of the game. Modern tennis is more entertaining to play and treat to watch.

Types of Grips

Certain players play tennis with special rackets, and a certain angle of the grip plays a very important role in the play. As the new technologies are presenting more advance rackets, so is the case with the holding of the racket itself. The certain style of holding the racket or gripping changes the ways a player wants to play the shots against the opponent. There is a lot of scientific work involved behind it as it is very important to match the racket holding position with the natural forehand of a player.

The evolution of tennis is hidden under the evolution of the forehand or the grip on the rocket. Player’s ability to drive the backhand or forehand shots largely depends on it. Modern rackets handles have basically octagon points in its design which enables a player to select the griping position on the four levels as required by the playing shot.

The gripping positions have certain names to recall at a specific holding point. Some of the important grips are the continental grip, the eastern grip, the semi-western grip, and the western grip placed on 1 to 8 positions on the handle respectively. The grip positions are very important in the modern game of tennis. Tennis is played on many types of surfaces grass, clay, and hard surface. The certain grip positions are very important in the play as it makes the player able to outplay the opponent by surprise spin or lofted shot or volley.

Continental Grip

Most of the players use the continental grip to play on the grass courts. Depending upon the level of grass, the tennis ball skids more on the surface and bounce low mostly. This is the most common grip and can cover almost all kind of shots but depends upon the bonce of the ground as well. Continental grip was the choice for most of the players and adopted for a longer period of time because most of the tennis courts were having grassy surfaces until the end of the 20th century. Continental grip basically was also associated with the wooden rackets. John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova and Stefan Edberg were among the classic players who used this grip in their games.

Eastern Forehand

As the wooden rackets were replaced with rackets made by new materials, the continental grip also lost its charm among the players. The modern game is relying on more speed than the conventional type of shots. The end of classical era players brought a new lot of players like Chris Evert, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf, and Roger Federer, who used the new kind of grip position named eastern forehand grip. All of them were champions of their times.

Semi Western and Western Grip

Borg was the first player who introduces a new kind of grip named as semi-western grip. Backcourt and topspin were his trademark shots with the help of this kind of grip. He used the mix-up grip shots and ruled the courts for a long period of time. Modern racket and string development have changed the game with more power and topspin. It merely depends on the style of play and court surface to choose the correct type of grip on the handle by the players and the evolution is never stopping the process in tennis.

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