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The Bygone Baggage of Joe Biden

2020 election: The Bygone Baggage of Joe Biden
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The politics that let the President Trump create conditions of his own choice is not the politics that could defeat him.

The power and capabilities of Barack Obama can be experienced by the reaction of Americans who looked at him and were ready to believe in just anything. The left-wing Democrats saw the revolutionary incarnation of hope, the possibility of inducing social change, and, in a black president, the overturning and compensation of America’s original sin. The center perceived Obama as a product of Harvard Law School, an astute advocate of profound and revolutionary reforms, a man of a mixed identity and, above all, the middle ground.

For those having moderate political opinions Obama was closer to the mark. Obama, a cool calm and collected man, proved extremely cautious to a fault. Still, the way he guised his coolness and changed his aloofness into the language of the heart, was absolutely brilliant. After him, there is no such political genius out there among the Democratic list of contenders.

The democratic contenders enlist a short and somewhat narrow and restricted presence of the occasionally perplexed and befuddling Joe Biden as the yard-stick of moderation, and the quick, plan-a-minute star of the campaign to date, Elizabeth Warren, with her proactive approach and detailed programs of social and fiscal reform.

Right behind them, but, from an ever growing distance, is Bernie Sanders, raising his voice? His usual dyspepsia has been aggravated by the way Warren steals his revolutionary thunder. Although

Warren is not a socialist, quite the opposite Warren calls herself as a capitalist inside out, but ready, unlike Biden, to tax the superrich who have lopsided America’s promise. That’s her version of economic patriotism — a seemingly effective and smart way to counter Donald Trump’s economic nationalism concept.

The game might still have its twists and turns. Biden might blow himself up with a shocking moment of incoherence or insult that goes beyond his known liabilities. He already had a few close calls and came really close to that. As the campaign progresses, he will be more exposed in the months ahead than he was as vice president at the no-drama White House.

If the moderate Democratic demand grows more than anticipated, the possibility for Michael Bloomberg to fill it may prove overwhelming, or, just possibly, another candidate — Kamala Harris or Cory Booker — will make way to the podium.

If Warren gains enough attention and public outreach to widen her lead over Sanders, will he withdraw in a way that might make the journey easier for her? Railroaded out in 2016, when the Bernie-buzz was fresh and more popular than today, he will not, I suspect, be ready to do the favors. That might be the case with Mr. Magnanimous, which off course he is not. Warren will have to make her way herself.

Joe Biden is trying to reassure the wealthy with outreach to energize progressives. It is the type of balancing act, which has maintained his poll positioning. If two consecutive Obama terms were not enough for anyone, he’s offering a very similar in nature, an almost true copy, a third — Obamacare Plus; a proposed uplift in capital-gains tax, to fight inequality.

Will this adjustment be enough in a restless America, disturbed by President Trump? It is doubtful. Most of the under 30 and under 40 years voters are upset about Biden’s retirement and wish that this respectable man could have chosen a dignified type of retirement. He is the sign of a permanent class of politicians that created the conditions for Trump at the time when the wobbling policies of U.S president and the deviation that could be easily seen in his policies have now transformed into something new.

The renovation of USA after this tough time will not be achieved by crying over spilt milk. It is also a fact that the political scenario that helped Trump makes the negative policies won’t be helpful in making everything change into positive. The restoration of the country will ask for new type of politics and fresh sentiment of integrity like the one that is practiced by Warren with full vigor and zest, articulateness and unity than anybody else. In July the U.S president made a phone call to president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in which he accused Biden of many things and tried to spoil his reputation on international level. It is Joe Biden who could put an end to the tarnishing of the Oval Office done by the U.S President.

The question is, will Warren be able to win, or the position in which she is in it might not be possible for her to win. Warren might be in the need of support from some democrats who performed well in 2018. Warren might have to adjust as if it is about “electability” Trump won and may win again.

Biden has come close to lose self-control. The campaign for 2020 election is very taxing for most of the future candidates. You don’t have to be 77 years of age to get success. But the way President Trump has turned a deaf ear about race is very upsetting.

In the last democratic debate Joe Biden had mentioned the “record Player” while trying to replay a question about compensation for slavery took Biden to a long forgotten era. But it was not the extent they actually had to suffer from.

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