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The Best Smart Speakers You Can Buy In 2019


Smart speakers have made a new style statement in the technology industry. Amazon made a breakthrough in the market with its Echo device along with assistant Alexa. Smart speakers come in different sizes, and the sound quality and price of the product vary according to their production.


If you are tired of those significant sound devices which you have to connect manually, we have got some fantastic smart speakers lined-up for you — the speakers who are compact in size and cheaper in price. The list includes the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini; they are efficient and small in format. Companies including Apple, Google, and Amazon excite the market with its fantastic range of smart speakers. Here are some great options for you if you are looking for cheaper and better intelligent speakers.


Amazon Echo Dot

The third generation, Echo Dot, is the best smart speaker to date. The device has more functions than Google Assistant and Siri. You can buy the new Amazon Echo Dot at just $50 on Amazon. The sound quality is fantastic as it gives an excellent sound experience to the user.


Sonos One

You can get a pretty good deal at just $199 if you are looking for an in-built wide range of melodies from the different music genre. The sound quality of the Sonos One is much identical to the Apple HomePod. If you want Alexa and Google Assistant in one device, then you can go for Sonos One.


Google Home Mini

Google has made this fantastic device in competition to Amazon’s Echo Dot. You can get this device at just $50. With the support of Google Assistant, you can play a variety of songs and grab information without reading.


Apple Home Pod

Apple gave Siri a new life with its Home Pod. You can buy Home Pod at just $300 and experience some great tunes from Spotify.