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Tesla Has a Huge Incentive to Deploy Self-driving Tech


CEO of the Tesla Company

Tesla Deploy Self-driving
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Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of the Tesla Company that has been making different vehicles using the latest technology. Recently, he talked about the latest technology his company was working on and that is the launch of an electric car that does not require a driver. He said the good thing about his company is its sovereignty and independence. According to him the autonomy that his business enjoys is the essence of Tesla’s “fundamental goodness”.

Last year Elon musk told Wall Street that the driverless cars will free the human beings of a boring yet tiring task of driving. He further told Wall Street that thousands of accidents would be avoided by saving millions of precious lives. There is one more incentive for Elon Musk that gives him strength to work actively towards launching of a driverless car and that is the day he launches this car on the road, huge amount in dollars’ of value of revenue that might have been a kept-aside will become eligible for a trip to the continuously stressed bottom line of the cybersecurity company Palo Alto.

According to the details shared by the company all the cars manufactured by Tesla since the end of 2016 have such sensors and other hardware installed in them that assist them to work without a human controlling the wheel. Since the invention of driverless cars the customers of Tesla Models 3, S and X have been happily paying $3,000 to $6,000 in order to get the full self-driving technology, also known as FSD in short form. The price of the car will soon rise and might reach $7,000.

FSD Cars

Since the introduction of the FSD cars the company has sold almost 500,000 cars and according to the statistics displayed on eth website of the electric cars called Electrek 40% of the buyers of Tesla cars choose the fully self-driven cars. The people who were not able to buy the FSD cars can surely by them in future though on a much higher price.

All that Tesla will require in the near future for manufacturing the FSD cars to go robotic is a new system of computer codes that have to be installed into the car and it will go robotic. Elon Musk has been trying hard to make this happen by the end of 2019.

The question is if Tesla is really close fully driverless technology? If yes, what would that mean? This is a question that a number of companies in the auto-motor industry have in their minds if not on their lips. The other auto manufacturers have many other questions in their mind about the fully driverless cars, and many of these questions have nothing to do with the competition in the market.

One of the major concerns in the auto industry is that before time introduction of the driverless cars might be disastrous and result in deaths, injuries, and accidents and might make the political leaders and regulatory authorities angry. Some of the auto industrialists say that if the idea of driverless cars results in the crash then the people’s trust in the latest technology might get damaged. If there are no customers who believe in the use of new technology the industry will be pushed years back.

Self-driven Cars

On the website of Tesla company, the fully self-driven cars are offered for sale, according to the claims of the company automatic driving will be opened for the city streets by the end of the present year. They say that the FSD has a program that helps it recognize the stop signs and traffic lights and the CEO and the engineer of Tesla is trying to introduce a self-parking feature in the FSD by the end of this year.

The technology was originally scheduled for release in May, using this technology the car will be able to drive itself within a parking lot and find an empty parking space and park itself. There are certain drawbacks to the fully self-driven car and that is the problem which Tesla has not described anything about.

It does not tell us about the response of the FSD if it sees a kid crossing a road or its response when it sees the double yellow line to avoid collision with a bicycle. As long as Tesla is unable to explain these question and satisfies the authorities and the customers it should not be given permission to come on the roads.

Safety and Health Advocacy Group

Then non-profit safety and health advocacy group known as the National Safety Council has shown concerns over the absence of clarity regarding the capabilities of FSD.

According to the opinion of the Vice President of National Safety council Kelly Nantel, there is a large majority of people who do not even know the technology that is there in the cars that they already use. The very idea is very confusing for the drivers. When you call a vehicle auto-Pilot of self-driving you show the others that your product has the abilities that the product does not have.

‘If tesla is able to move the millions of dollars gathered from the FSD customers to the bottom line of the company it would be enough for the company to show a profit in the 4th semester’,  it is what Musk said while talking to the stock analysts.

Tesla is the company that came into being back in 2003 but is still unable to show any annual profit. Tesla sold 95,000 cars in the second semester of 2019 but still showed a loss of $389 million.

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