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Thank you for showing interest in the creative minds behind Facts Herald. This following is a list of the writers who Facts Herald what it is.

Victor Philips (Founder)

Victor is the first face of this online news platform Facts Herald. Victor started his journey on Facts Herald in late 2016 and gained the potential to hold stable rankings and image under Google News. Victor is an avid writer, reader, and blogger.

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Jane Safire – Editor/Author

Jane Safire

Jane is the main pillar of Facts Herald. She holds command over Entertainment & Lifestyle. Jane posses an experience of more than 4 years. She passes her utmost in reading about entertainment headlines and lifestyle updates.

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Foster Brenn – Author

Foster Brenn

Foster Brenn is a journalist by profession, spent 2 years in exploring Technology & Science. Foster loves to explore nature and logic behind things.

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Pritish Samantray – Author

Pritish contributes to the Health & Science section. Pritish is holding 7 years of experience of writing and exploring these categories. He is well known as the jack of our web portal. He likes to bifurcate every single thread of news linked with Science, Space, Environment & Health.

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Krishna Makwana

Krishna Makwana is an avid reader and writer. She contributes to the technology section of Facts Herald. Krishna is one of the experienced authors among all. She also writes for big brands like Deccan Chronicle, Asian Age, and others.

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