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Suspect Freed in Texas Homecoming Party Shooting That Killed Two


The Texas authority finally released the person who was arrested for the killing of two persons at the college homecoming party in the last month. The arrest of the 23 years old Brandon Ray Gonzales results in protest in the city. The family members and relatives of Brandon Ray Gonzales arranged demonstrations and carried it for weeks. They claimed that the police had arrested the wrong person.

Image Credit: NBC News

The suspect was released after the police found new evidence, and some of the witnesses refused to cooperate, the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office revealed. 

More About The Incident

Brandon Ray Gonzales charged with murder owing to the shooting at a college homecoming party on the 27th of October near Dallas, where two people had died, and six others were wounded. There are hundreds of people present and celebrating the homecoming party. Most of them were members of the A&M University of Commerce, the authority revealed. 

Post the arrest of Brandon Ray Gonzales, around 50 people, including his friends, relatives, and other known persons, demonstrated protest at sheriff’s office on Saturday. He was not the person involved in the shooting, his brother Gabriel said to the press. His friend, Zach Bowen, who was also attending the party, conformed about Gonzales’ innocence in an interview. 

Sheriff Randy Meeks said that the law enforcing agency had some inputs, and it matched with Gonzales. But, during the investigation, they found some credible information, which proves Gonzales is innocent. The police informed the development to the prosecutors and asked him not to proceed further and free Ray Gonzales immediately. Sheriff advised the people who were present in the party, to speak up and help the law enforcing agency. He stressed the small incidents that happened that night, which might be helpful for the police to conclude the case. People do not know the importance of such little things that they noticed during the party, he added further.