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Spiderman’s Relation With MCU Was Never Expected To Last Forever


One of the most famous and loved stories of imaginary, fictional or animated character came out at the starting of this month when it said that the discussions between Sony and Marvel didn’t go well about the future movies that remade on Spider-Man.
Sony owns the rights of Spider-man, years ago in a meeting between Marvel and Sony it decided, and Marvel was allowed to feature Spiderman in their movies, and Spider-man first appeared in Captain America: Civil War which released in 2016.

Image Source: New Indian Express

Last week Sony and Disney net to work on new terms of Spiderman but both Sony and Disney didn’t agree with each other. Later, Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel, said that we never expected the deal between both the companies to run forever so now Spider-man is no more available for MCU.

It was a dream to see Spider-man working with Marvel’s Avenger s which Kein Feige thought will never happen, but Spider-Man worked with Marvel and gave the appearance in Five movies in which two were his standalone and three were with Marvel’s Avenger.

They always knew that they would not work with Spider-Man for a more extended period, but they used the period and told the story they wanted to say, and they are pleased about that.
According to the contract, Sony’s deal was only for two movies which were Spiderman homecoming and Spiderman Far Frome Home which generated the revenue of $1.11 billion worldwide and made the record for Sony’s highest-grossing film.

No worries if there will be Spider-Man or not, but Marvel is planning much more superheroes to launch in upcoming movies, for example, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight.