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Some weirdly cool things you can make Alexa do


Your Amazon Echo is one of the ideal digital devices for some of the coolest things around the house, like switching your lights on and off, starting the playlist of your choice and finding your keys but this is not it, your Alexa device has a silly side of it. This smart speaker has tons of not so common tricks that can be pleasant to disturbing.

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Amazon Echo can sneeze

Just like a human nose functions, Alexa is also pretty much the same when it comes to sneezing. “Alexa, can you sneeze?” and the device responds, “You’re in luck, I can sneeze on command. Achoo!” and will actually sneeze like a real human. You just need to enableĀ  I Just Sneezed on the device.

Alexa Can Also Snore To Make You Feel Less lonely In Your Sleep

This is probably to make you feel less lonely and comfortable if you’re dozing off alone or maybe for the people who find it hard to sleep without the sounds of snoring. Either way, it’s very weird, to be honest. Turn this feature by saying, “Alexa, play snore sounds.”

Some Other Funny Weird Things Include

“Alexa, rap.”

“Alexa, beatbox.”

“Alexa, sing.”

“Alexa, laugh for me.”

“Alexa, make fart noises.”

“Alexa, make monkey sounds.”

You are always being watched

This is fun but can be super creepy, if you’re alone at your home and can get scared easily, try this one out. If you command, “Alexa, ask The Listeners,” the device starts saying weird things in strange voices such as “We are always listening” and will continue to speak in an eerie voice with awkward pauses. You can still choose to have conversations with the smart device but it will only get weirder. This can be really scary for those who live alone and aloof