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Solution of Growing Mobile Phone Addiction

Solution of Growing Mobile Phone Addiction
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Mobile Phones is a great human exercise in the technological world which created huge wave of easiness and has managed to do miracles with the time passing by adding a huge number of facilities to human lives. But the day passing and the addition of the more technological experience in mobile phones is becoming a merciless exposure specifically for the generation of 21st century who are addicted to its internet browsing, gaming and many other experiences to demonstrate.

Negative Impacts of Mobile Technology

It has created more disguised situation for the human nature where he/she has stopped to enjoy the beauty and the creations created for the humans. Its addiction is adding a lot of problems where health is a great concern. It was created for the good of mankind but its technological experiences happening everyday where still a more for human good but even after knowing and sharing a lot of information about its misuse has done nothing to the newly developed nature to humans.

As Christian Lous Lange said, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”.

But if you are still addicted to it then you must adopt some of the things just for your own good. If you think that you are addicted to mobile phones too much then you should go for a case which can stand up to your handling during using where after a falling into a number of tests, experts found Spigen Slim Armor which is highly protective. PopSockets are also great option during expanding situations and these can be available in maximum of colors as well as patterns.

What We should do?

1.    Use blue light blocking glasses

Use blue light blocking glasses for the protection of your eyes from radiations as well as the tiring situations around where it will really prevent you from headache and migraine.

2.    Use high quality data cables

Use high quality data cables like that of Amazon’s. How charging of mobile phones is important can be told by the current users where if the battery dies, go for RavPower 20100 which would charge your mobile multiple times even itself needs to be charged. Use highly protective layered protectors for your mobiles which would probably be absolutely transparent.

3.    Use PhoneSoap top UV phone sanitizer

Use PhoneSoap top UV phone sanitizer which would really help in the killing of a maximum of bacteria.

4.    Use Flexible Stand

You should go for flexible stands for holding phones where users are addicted to YouTube or Netflix for a longer period of time. It will surely sustain your energy by making consoles from tiring of your arms, neck etc. During mobile usage our posture doesn’t really support us to our comfort zones where we need to go for posture correctors to avoid the hunching as well as laziness and many other positive body effects. Use stylus to avoid a long proceeding of typing and texting etc.

5.    Use magnetic mounts

Use magnetic mounts to avoid the continuous looking in your lap or looking down probably during the usage of navigation during driving which will surely help you protect from an accident or any mishap. when use smartwatch-like that of from Apple Watches which is something like a mini-smartphone where you can text or even go for calling as well. Stick-on wallet sleeve to make the availability of your important things like keys, credit card etc. and it is RFID-blocking technology which protects your personal information.

6.    Use portable photo printer

Use portable photo printer if you are highly addicted to selfies, snapping etc. where it will directly connect to your phone which is a great good point. We should go for the cleaning of our technological devices which are specifically are attached with daily usage where mobile phone comes on a very top. For this purpose, use microfiber cleaning cloth. Use clip-on lenses to get the best of the experiences for taking pictures on your iPhone.

7.    Use High quality mobile covers

Go for plastic pouches which are 100% waterproof and you can still touch the screen of your phone during boating or fishing etc.

These were few of the technological solutions to avoid maximum risks to your physical and mental health which is more than necessary to have to live a good life. But there are some events around which will surely help to make you set away from maximum usage of mobile phones.

  • Try to adopt some better way to make a startup of your day like meditating, exercises, walk, yoga etc. where making breakfast is also purely great.
  • Try to adopt some better company like spending time with elders or reading book to enhance your capability to the natural circumstances.
  • You must try to avoid to use phone or turn it off during meetup as well as during driving.
  • Don’t lose your sleep in your addiction to this miniature disaster to a broad level in your life.

These are a few of the tips which you must adopt to avoid the wasting usage of mobile phone.

Worst thing about history is that we never learned a lesson from history.”

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