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San Diego State University Suspends 14 Campus Fraternities After ‘Devastating’ Death of Freshman Student


A first-year student died while attending a fraternity event last week at a state university in San Diego. As a result, the school suspended all interfraternity council from an immediate basis. A statement released by Adela de la Torre, the president of the university, said Dylan Hernandez was taken to the hospital immediately by the emergency responders, and doctors declare him dead. The family and friends of Dylan Hernandez performed the last rites on Sunday night.

Image Credit: USA Today

The Bad Legacy Of The University

Even before this unfortunate incident, six out of fourteen organization were suspended, and four were going through investigations, the authorities from the university revealed. The recent suspension notice did not include the cause of the recent death. The suspension will be in effect for an indefinite period. As a result, no organization can host any activity before any further notice. 

The Response From The University

Every student must adhere to the highest standard set by the university and must not risk anyone’s health and safety, Adela de la Torre said. Nobody can understand the loss of a child better than a mother, and the entire university is standing with the family of Dylan Hernandez in this hard time, the president added. The university police are currently investigating the incident. The police received a 911 call on Wednesday night for immediate help from the residence hall. 

Dylan Hernandez came to the university from Florida, the university record suggests. The friends of Dylan said he was a light-hearted and lively person who always carries a smile on his face. The president revealed that the campus therapists would support the affected people. 

There are 46 recognized fraternity chapters, and sorority exists on campus. Around 3,600 students are part of these distinguished organizations. Police are currently in the primary stage of the investigation, and more details and clarity is expected to come out with time.