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Robert Mugabe: Former Zimbabwe President Dies Aged 95

Robert Mugabe: Ex-President Dies Aged 95
Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe Ex-President Dies Aged 95: Image source

Robert Mugabe, the icon of Zimbabwe’s independence and a strict dictatorial leader, dies at the age of 95. For the last few months, Robert Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe has been sick and was taking treatment in a hospital in Singapore. His Government was overthrown in a coup done by the military of Zimbabwe in the eth year 2017. He served as the President for 37 years. He was popular among his people for several different reasons including the access that the people started getting to the health and education facilities. It was during his regime that the black majority started getting health facilities and right to better education. The later years of his regime were not good for him nor his country as his political opponents started dominating eth government through violence and there was a situation of chaos prevailing in the country. The country was rapidly moving towards economic ruins.

The man, who replaced Mr. Mugabe as the President of the country Mr. Mnangagwa, said that he was utterly sad about the death of the icon of liberation for the people of the country. Mr. Mnangagwa had worked as the deputy of Mr. Robert Mugabe before becoming the president.

The Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

Famous as the icon of liberation in Zimbabwe Mr. Robert Mugabe was born on 21st February 1924 in Rhodesia- which at that time was a British colony dominated and managed by its white people who were a minority in the area. In 1964 MR. Robert Mugabe criticized the government of Rhodesia and was sent to jail for more than 10 years without any special trial. In the year 1973 when he was still in jail he was selected as the president of (Zanu) a party known as Zimbabwe African National Union as he was the founder of that party.

When he was released from the jail he went to Mozambique whom he used to direct guerrilla attacks into Rhodesia. Mr. Mugabe was known for his power of convincing people with negotiations. When Mr. Robert Mugabe using his negotiation skills made some political agreements they resulted in the free republic of Zimbabwe. As the independence of Zimbabwe was the fruit of Mr. Robert Mugabe’s efforts he won the elections held in 1980 with huge margin. Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for decades and during this time the international observation by critics has been exposing him not as a president but a dictator.

According to some of the observations done by different critics, he died too far from his homeland for which he had to stay in jail for more than a decade. His life ended in loneliness and humiliation after the coup by the army. Robert Mugabe is the person who kept alive the struggle of Africa against colonialism. He was a very brave politician who had the courage to raise his voices against the injustice inflicted upon the blacks by the white minority of Rhodesia.

Robert Mugabe

At the time Robert Mugabe succeeded in freeing his country it was one of the most progressive countries of the region and for years after its freedom it flourished at a steady pace. But when the increasing conspiracies by his opponents appeared successful in collapsing the economy Mr. Mugabe lost his patience and made some land reforms and other economic reforms that were not welcomed by the people. This action from the President, lead the country to political chaos, hyperinflation and isolation from eth rest of the world. For quite some time the armed forces of the country supported the President and kept him in power but eventually when the armed forces turned against him a coup was enough to push him out of office.

According to some of the critics who call Robert Mugabe a dictator there are only a few nations that are so much dependent on one man as the people of Zimbabwe are. They think that for years Zimbabwe was Mugabe and he was the cruel man whose wrong reforms and ruthless policies ruined the country he fought for.

According to the expert historian and the political critics in the year 2000, it was Mr. Robert Mugabe who snatched the land from its white owners. In 2008 he is the one who used militias who practiced violence to forcefully silence the opponents during the elections. he made a claim that gained much popularity across the globe; he said that it was only God who could remove him from his office. In the year 2009, Robert Mugabe was forced to share the power during the economic collapse of the country and Morgan Tsvangirai was appointed as the prime minister of the country.

Reactions to Mugabe’s Death

In the year 2017, people started showing concerns about the future of the country when the rumors were circulating in the society that Robert Mugabe was training and grooming Grace his wife as his successor. It was the time when the army lost its nerve and turned against him and with a coup, they overthrew his government.

Mutodi who is the Deputy information minister Energy and belongs to the party founded by Robert Mugabe called Zanu- Pf party talking to BBC said that they were very grieved by his death. he said that the Late President was a self-confident man who believed in whatever he did and he was very assertive about the things he ever said.

Though these were the reactions from some of the people who were close to him but there are so many others who do not think that he was a good man at all.

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