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Rick and Morty Are Back: Show Returns for Fourth Season


Release of the new season of Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Are Back - Rick and Morty Season 4
Rick and Morty Are Back – Rick and Morty Season 4: Image Source

Television series have been a source of entertainment for a long time. These series air on the television on a specific time on different days. Crusader Rabbit was the first animated series aired on the television. After that, a number of animated series has aired. Different companies created their own channels for airing these animated series for their viewers. Even the companies that were airing these series gave a new structure to their channels.

The story of these series is linked with each other and has some specific main characters. Rick and Morty is also an American based science fiction animated series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Rolland. This series was created for cartoon network late-night programs. The story based on two characters one is a mad scientist named Rick Sanchez and the other character is Morty Smith, who is rick’s grandson. They spent their time between interdimensional adventures and their life. Three seasons of this animated series has aired.

A quick overview of previous seasons

In 2012 the adult swim announced a series named Rick and Morty. The first season of this series was aired from December 2013 to April 2014 comprised of 11 episodes. The time of the airing of this season was Monday at 10:30 pm. While the airing of the first season the adult swim has announced the second season due to its performance in its time slot.

The second season of Rick and Morty was aired from July 2015 to October 2015. The season two comprised of ten episodes. The time of its airing was 11:30 pm on Sundays. Shortly after the success of the second premiere the third season of Rick and Morty was announced in August 2015.

The premiere of the third season was announced on first April, but it was just a part of April fool. The season’s remaining episodes aired after four months and ended airing on October 2017. The number of episodes announced was fourteen, but due to delay, it consists of only ten episodes. It was aired at the same time as the second season.

Is next season is coming?

Yes, due to the success of the previous seasons of Rick and Morty. The creators of Rick and Morty announced that there would be many seasons of this series in the future. One of the creators has wished that the upcoming seasons of Rick and Morty consist of more than ten episodes. And it is heard that the fourth season of Rick and Morty will comprise of 70 episodes which are almost twice the combined episodes from season one to three.

Release date of the upcoming season

The exact date of the fourth season of Rick and Morty has not announced yet. But we have a month of November 2019 on which it will be aired. The gap between previous seasons is short, while the gap between seasons three and four is the longest gap. The creators think about the gap, and they have noticed it and decide to lessen the gap between the upcoming seasons of Rick and Morty.

Where will the season air?

The previous seasons of this series have aired on different channels but the new season of Rick and Morty getting trouble while airing on cartoon network late-night shows. Yet the series will air on the different other networks all over the world. The season four will not upload on the Netflix.

Do we have a trailer yet?

The answer to this question is not confirmed yet. We did not have a full video of the trailer yet, but we have a teaser video. The appearance of the new character will happen in the new season. And we only see the premiere date in that teaser.

Expectations and fan theories

As the seasons are getting popular among the viewers. The fan rate increases and fans started to suggest the story or plot which is not completely described in the seasons so that it is easy to understand the timeline of the series. Many fans have their own theories about evil Morty. Sometimes the theories and expectations become true while sometimes they have to face disappointment. Some of the fan mad theories for evil Morty are given below

Evil Morty is originally a good guy

The fact about the evil Morty is that its name is never used in the series yet. The fans started to call it evil Morty by themselves. As everyone knows that Rick is an awful person in the series, and he uses different people to fulfill his tasks. Some fans think that the rick is the villain and evil Morty is the hero of the series.

Evil Morty in every episode

According to this theory that the evil version of Morty comes in every episode of the series though in the opening scenes. The opening of the season also changes from episode to episode. As we have learned from this series, everything is intentional in this series.

Evil Morty has a different personality

This theory is described by a Reddit user. According to him, evil Morty is an alternative to rick. Rick is able to transfer his consciousness to other bodies. According to this theory, the other rick is dying. To increase his life span, he continues to change his body into a younger body. But according to this theory, the rick is not able to shift his intelligence completely.

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