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Rep. Andy Biggs: Democrats seek Trump’s Impeachment to Grab Power – He Didn’t Engage in Impeachable Conduct


The House Democrats started an investigation on Trump’s impeachment after President Trump threatens their power base. The Democrat put more effort into the impeachment by giving more power into the hands of both the California Democrats, the House speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff.

Image Credit: Fox News

The President has not committed any specific high crime or misdemeanor, but still, the democrats relentlessly purse the President and his family and also his supporters and associates. President Trump’s attack and threatens Democrats’ on holding bureaucratic power. Democrats are dependent on the representing government workers of the unions. The political power of the Democrats will significantly be reduced if President Trump succeeds in reducing the scope and size of the federal bureaucracy.  

Democrats raged for impeachment

The Democrats fumed for impeachment is due to President Trump threatens. President Trump is a pro-life change agent in the history of the country who is taking executive action, judicial, and legislation nomination to protect the unborn innocent. The democrat’s powerbase was threatened by the President trump, which made them ranged for Trump impeachment. 

During the presidential election in 2016, the Trump ran a campaign, and on this time, the Democrats and the left projected interference in the campaign. The Democratic Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign hired foreign agents, including an operative who was linked to Russia in the motive to attack Trump campaign. To illegally obtain warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign, the Obama administration used to work on the product of foreign agents.   

President Trump and his co-workers and supports were assaulted by the Democrats to defeat the left political foes. The endless number of reasons are there due to which Democrats are focusing on Trump impeachment, but all these reasons are not related to the Trump impeachment conduct. It seems the democrats are trying to protect the arrogate power.