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Really! Samsung Wants Apple To Be Smartphone Market Leader


Samsung and Apple world’s biggest rivals in the smartphone business. Since years both companies are competing allegedly to be a leader in Smartphone industry. In many device launches, comparing with both company smartphones became mandatory. It became like a tradition. However after a decade, now Samsung wants Apple to be the Smartphone Market leader, and they are helping Apple to become the market leaders. Surprising, but it’s true.

As we all know due to note 7 blasts, Samsung lost its reputation in Smartphone market, and even it is creating a financial loss to the company. However, the company dealing smartly with that issue and mostly the issue got eradicated as of now. Apparently, Samsung is least bothered about those incidents. Because Samsung made quite a good number of sales in this year, and report reveal that  Samsung still earned a staggering $7.76 billion amidst Galaxy Note 7 issues. This is yet the best quarterly profit attained by Samsung.

Samsung Wants Apple To Be Smartphone Market Leader

Many industry experts saying it’s because of use of OLEDs used in the manufacturing of Samsung smartphones. Earlier LG company manufactures OLEDs for Samsung. Now Samsung providing OLEDs for Apple. Now Apple looking to use them to manufacture iPhone 8 and few other Apple smartphones. It clearly shows Samsung literally helping Apple. This help improves the sales of Apple iPhones, which means Samsung is letting Apple become the supreme of the smartphone market, especially in flagship devices.

Really! Samsung Wants Apple To Be Smartphone Market Leader
Really! Samsung Wants Apple To Be Smartphone Market Leader

It raises a question, Why do Samsung want to help apple? Precisely Samsung never worried about anything! Samsung is already involved in most of the businesses out there, and their market cap is huge than compared to Apple. It’s an open fact that Apple involved in Smartphones and MAC devices, but Samsung involved in every electronic company. So Samsung never bothered about their Smartphone business!

The main reason for the profits of Samsung in the first quarter is all because of their OLEDs. These days OLEDs have a great demand in the markets. Even huge companies started promoting Samsung’s high-contrast, true-black screens. Now Samsung providing them to Apple, to make Excellent smartphones! I do consider it as Samsung helping Apple to become Smartphone leader, few considering it as a Mutual Understanding! Whatsoever, both companies Samsung and Apple will stay Smartphone Market leaders followed by each together!