Home Headlines Proposed HHS Rule Would Roll Back LGBTQ Protections in Adoption, Foster Care

Proposed HHS Rule Would Roll Back LGBTQ Protections in Adoption, Foster Care


On Friday, the Depart of Health and Human Services issued a new law that will let the recipients of federal grants given by the health agency, which also include foster care service providers and faith-based adoption agencies, to oppose same-sex couples.

Image Credit: Politico

As per the report, this new rule will take off a regulation made during the Obama presidency. The state added nondiscrimination language based on sexual orientation or identity of gender when deciding about the recipients of grants from the health agency. 

The reaction of different groups about the new rule

This move is taken by the Trump Administration. It is highly cheered by the religious groups who have stated that the Obama-made government has violated the liberties of the religious groups. 

Well, on the other side, the civil rights groups criticized the Trump Administration’s move that came on during the National Adoption Month. They referred this as a severe attack on the community of LGBTQ- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. For now, the rule is still under the public comment period and may be challenged in the court. 

It may be noted that gender identity and sexual orientation do not come under federal anti-discrimination laws. However, very soon, the rules will be protected under a bill passed the house, called the Equality Act. 

The Family Research Council’s leader, Tony Perkins, informed that as per the new rule, faith-based adoption service providers would don’t have to choose whether to abandon their faith and abandon homeless kids because the government rejects their views on such marriage. 

On the other side, the Human Rights Campaign’s president, Alphonso David, said that it would develop discrimination or partiality against LGBTQ community, women, and religious minorities in programs associated with adoption, foster care, STI, and HIV prevention refugee resettlement and others.