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Pro-Trump Group Hunts for ‘Hidden’ Supporters


A fresh new related to U.S. President Donald Trump’s presidency informed that the group which is supporting the reelection of President Trump had detected some hidden supporters who can take the 2020 election in favour of Republicans.

As per the report, Pollsters, appointed by AFP- America First Policies, have spent around two months taking interviews from hundreds of independent voters across the major cities. A source recently shared some videos which clearly showed that Donald Trump voters from the 2016 election are revealing that they will not discuss their support for Trump with the acquaintances. They all are afraid of backlash from their family, friends, and the media.

Image Credit: The Hill

The official’s statement 

Donald Trump’s allies informed that they were mocked in the year 2016 when they said the support in the polls was underestimated. The official thinks the same voters or supporters need just small stimulation from like-minded people to turn out for the President in the 2020 election.

The official said they want to live with their neighbor and their kids to study in the same school. So, they will not speak about politics. The time has changed, and, in this age, it is not safe to open the mouth against politics.

Some reports said that the 2016 election was accurate and fair. Hillary Clinton out outpaced Donald Trump by just 2 points. But some other reports stated that the event was not so appropriate. Some experts even said that Donald Trump had a realistic path to the House.

Trump successfully turned Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan blue for the first time with the help of his support from high-level voters.

AFP’s report

As per the sources, AFP has interviewed dozens of people of around 36 groups in Fla.; Charlotte, Lowa, Orlando, Miami, Ohio, Pittsburg, Columbus, and more. Wes Anderson directs the panels from OnMessage and Adam Geller from National Research Inc. The focus group has spoked about some problems related to the President.