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Police Detain Man Eating a Sandwich on a San Francisco Train Platform


A viral video suggests that a police officer detained a man for eating a sandwich near a railway platform. The video was recorded near the San Francisco railway station. The video shows a policeman citing about eating near the platform is against the law prescribed by the state constitution. The policeman kept his hand on the backpacks of the person, while the person, later identified as Steve Foster, addresses the policeman angrily.

Image Credit: CNN

While defending his point of view, Steve claimed that he was not doing anything wrong and discarded to reveal his name to the policeman. The argument later intensified, and Steve was taken to the police station when a second officer arrived at the scene. The incident took place on the 4th of November. 

While stating the incident to the press, Steve revealed that he is angry and upset over the issue. The spokesperson from BART, Alicia Trost, announced that Steve was not arrested, but got a citation regarding the matter. Now, the court will determine the fine according to the violation of rules set by the constitution, she added. 

Bob Powers, the General Manager of BART, apologized Steve for the incident. He shows his disappointment with the development of the matter. The statement from BART revealed that several signs are stating the restriction list inside the station. The measure of not eating nearby the station is taken to promote cleanliness, but the particular situation was not coming under it, the statement revealed. 

How Does The Incident Unfold?

The officer asked Steve to stop eating in that place and went to attain another call. While returning, the officer saw this man while eating a sandwich. As a result, the policeman went to him for a citation. But, Steve refused to provide his identification and started arguing with the police. The officer remained calm in the entire process, and he was only doing his job, the statement revealed.