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Pixel 3 Launched: A.I. Brains are just unbeatable

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Google, one of the biggest multinational tech-giant. Founded by Larry Page, now is running on such a fast pace in the tech industry. After launching several products, Google started making their own phones which also stands out in the market like other Google Products. Google launched its Google Pixel in October 2016 with 12 MP camera and from then it is moving towards becoming better and best.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL were supposed to launch and before the launch date, there were many leaked images of the phone as the craze of the Pixel among people was very high. So now the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are launched and they matched the expectation of the audience. The deep notch from the phone has been gouged out but Pixel 3 doesn’t win the hearts of fans in the case of looks.

For those Looks matter, they will not like Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL but ultimately what’s inside is really matters. Google concentrated on the new AI(Artificial intelligence) which made the phone super powerful. A.I. has undergone many advancements and that is really impressive.

Senior vice president of Hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh said “The big breakthroughs you’re going to see are not in hardware alone, they come at the intersection of AI, software, and hardware,” Google have always kept its software experience above the hardware and because of this quality, Google stands out in the market and is able to beat the big brands like Apple and Samsung. Apple have that brand value, Samsung have the great looks and design but if someone is truly into the features and performance, then the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL is the name which no one else can beat.

Artificial intelligence which is unbeatable

There are many phones in the market who claims to have the best sensors and the artificial intelligence but when we look into it, they fail badly as the camera is not able to detect most of the subjects and takes wrong clicks. The cameras of other phones are not able to recognize the scenes and takes the worst picture even than the normal mode. Every phone has voice commands but how many of them takes the right command and gives the results which are specific, Google truly worked on this and dig out the excellence.


Why a person buys a phone, Answer will surely involve the feature of Quality camera. Yes there are various options in the market which offers a great camera but there is a difference between the better and the best. Google Pixel have improved the camera quality like never before. We have seen the single lens camera, then double and even triple lens camera and the companies are struggling in the market for the sales. Now the Pixel comes with the single camera, shocking isn’t it? Yes, they have prioritized the quality of camera.

The Pixel 2 is our reigning camera phone champion, because it most often takes the photos we want to keep or share.

“That’s not a fluke,” said Osterloh at the Google event. “We spent years researching computer vision technologies, analyzing hundreds of millions of photos.”

When the competitors are stuck in increasing the number of lens, google is working on the artificial intelligence feature. Pixel 2 had the most amazing portrait feature and with coveted bokeh background colour.

You can take multiple shot at the same time when you zoom in. The new technology will fill in the colors when you take the shots at night or low light. Another amazing feature is that Top shot will select from the multiple pictures in which the everyone is looking at the camera in the group photo. These features make the Google Pixel stand out and be extraordinary. You just point and shoot, the camera is really better.

Google is really doing great on the quality.

Artificial intelligence is also improved in many ways like you can type anything in Gmail and then you will get the perfect prediction of the words which should come after the typing word. This is proven to be the best prediction and intelligence. Many people don’t find it good and think their privacy is being stolen or gets irritated by it but this feature is better than those available in other regular phones.

Google Now has become the Google assistant and really it is the best assistant we can have.

Google was being the first to tell you weather report and whether the bus is late and when will the next train or bus will arrive. Or which way will be shorter for you travel. these things are small but it made our lives so easy and comfortable


How much intelligent a phone can be? Can a phone attend your calls like a human? Yes, the newly launched Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are capable of doing so. The brand new A.I. can create and produce natural conversation and can book your table in any restaurant. But it will work according to what you will tell it to speak or do. Suppose you want to book a table for two people for 8 p.m. and if the booking will be there in between 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. then it will be okay. Now you just have to relax and decide what to wear on your date.

The current function is available only in city to city basis but it is expected to grow in other cities also. Another terrific feature is  Call screen feature. If the call is not important or you are busy and unable to pick up the call then you can use this amazing feature which let you to hear what the caller is saying. The caller will be going to listen this “Hi, the person you’re calling is using a screening service from Google, and will get a copy of this conversation. Go ahead and say your name, and why you’re calling.”

You can choose what to reply or whether this call is spam and if you will mark it as a spam this message will appear “Please remove the number from your mailing and contact list. Thanks, and goodbye.”