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Pilot Killed in Plane Crash That Set an Upland Home on Fire


A pilot crashed his single-engine plane into a home in San Bernardino County. The pilot killed himself during this unfortunate incident. Luckily, the two people present in that home remains unharmed. The pilot was flying 2007 fixed-wing Cirrus SR-22 aircraft and crashed into a single-story building at 1200 block of Overland Court about 11 a.m. The cause of the crash remains unclear. Authority revealed that the National Transportation Safety Board is going to investigate the matter very soon.

Image Credit: Sandiego Union Tribune

The plane took off from Zamperini Field about 19 minutes before the crash, the authority said. The flight was going to land in Cable Airport, which is around two miles from the crash site. The body of the pilot yet to remove from the wreckage, and the name of the pilot has not revealed yet. A resident in Palos Verdes Estates is the owner of the aircraft, the authority said. 

The building where the plane crashed was full in flame. Later, the fire crew able to control the fire. A portion of the home’s roof was damaged, owing to the effect of the crash. A man and his younger son luckily escaped from the fire, and remain unharmed, Police Capt. Marcelo Blanco confirmed. 

Words from Witnesses

The manufacturer of the aircraft revealed that the plane had an emergency parachute system, which helps the pilot to lower the plane safely. The video from the crash site shows an open parachute draped over a nearby tree. One neighbor revealed that the fire was intense at the time of the crash, and both the persons present in the house were lucky to escape unharmed. Another witness said the plane was descending nose down before the accident. The residents in the area said they were habituated with the intense sound of aircraft, as the place is nearby to two airports, but never imagine this kind of incident. Cable Aircraft is also known as the biggest family-owned public-use airport in the world.