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Perseid Meteor Shower: The Best Meteor Show Around Is Back To Dazzle Us


Meteors are coming back to put a fantastic show for the people of the Earth. The time is here when Perseids, the famous meteor shower, is going to arrive at the Earth. The weather seems cloudy, which may cause some interference to the stargazers out there. The celestial light show happens once in a year, and it draws a lot of attention. Swift-Tuttle is the comet which comes once in a year in the way and demonstrates its beauty in association with the debris particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.


The meteor shower starts from mid-July and keeps on appearing till August. You can watch the meteor shower from the rural areas where 50 to 75 showers appear within an hour when it is on its maximum stage. The Perseids are going to be visible on the late night of August 12, to the early morning of August 13. You can see some extraordinary lightning show of several meteors; according to the blogger Dave Samuel, there will be more 100 meteors visible on its peak night. If you are still not familiar with the show, then it is your time to experience the best night of the year. Plan a date with you love or family and make your time worth with hundreds of meteors glowing in the sky.

The moon is going to play a vital role in the show as it is going to shine all night long, but the primary concern is clouding because the clouds may destroy the show as well as your mood. If you are in southern Plains or the western United States, you can enjoy the best view of the Perseids, but if you are in the southeastern US, you may feel disappointed because there will be a lot of clouds in the area, but they will keep on coming and going which may give you a peek of the show.