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Oklahoma Man Shot His Wife And Her Boyfriend Before Killing Himself in Walmart Parking Lot


In an unfortunate event, three people killed in a shooting near a Walmart store in Oklahoma. The local police revealed that the shooter killed him after shooting the two victims. The accused, Wbillado R. Varela Jr., killed his wife, Rebecca N. Vescio Varela, and her boyfriend, Aubrey P. Perkins, before shot himself down on Monday.

The video footage from the spot revealed that Vescio and Perkins went to the Walmart store before the incident. Once they returned to their car, Wbillado appeared from a car that parked in front of them. He fired several rounds of bullets to the couple, before killing himself.

Image Credit: Cincinnati

Primary investigation suggests that Vescio and Wbillado both are the residents of Duncan, while the lady’s boyfriend Perkins was from Minco, a town situated around 60 miles away from the city. 

Initially, it was suspected that a man with a gun intervened in the shooting, but later the chief investigator, Lt. John Byers, confirmed that the man killed himself before having any contact with the man. 

The Response from Police

Lt. Byers later confirmed that the matter is a result of a domestic dispute, and further investigation on this case is going on. Authorities from the law enforcing agency arrived at the place at 9.30 a.m., just one minute after getting a 911 call. 

Police found both Vescio and Perkinslying dead in the front seat of the vehicle, while the husband of the lady found dead near the back of the car. Police found a semiautomatic handgun near Wbillado. The gun loaded with ammunition when police found it. 

As the shots were extremely accurate, police investigating whether Wbillado had a history with military or any criminal organization. For how long the killer was waiting for them is not clear yet. 

Wbillado was associated with multiple charitable organizations in the city, while his wife was an employee at Walmart. But, when the lady was killed, she was not performing her duty, police added.