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Nokia N-Series & 3310 Returns Hinted By Its New Trademark


The company that holds the rights to the Nokia brand name or mobile devices has taken an immediate success for HMD Global in consideration to the Nokia 6 smart phone. According to the indication of the new reports, the Finnish company might be planning to tap into the Nostalgia that the fans for Nokia classic phones (circa 2004) have for the brand. Nokia N series smart phone may going to make its way to us, as suggested by the new reports. It has been reported that the iconic Nokia 3310 phone is going to get its new version soon.

Nokia N-Series & 3310 Returns

Nokia N-series reboot

As per the reports stated by Vtechgraphy (via nokiaweb.net), the trademark for ‘NSERIES’ showed up in China’s patent office was being filed by the Finnish company. To recall the last launch, the last N series smart phone from Nokia was Nokia N9 which was rolled out back in 2015.

Nokia N-Series & 3310 Returns Hinted By Its New Trademark

It is going to increase curiosity and will be interesting to know if the company does launch new Nokia devices in N series and if they going to reach out the standards set by their predecessors. It is to be noted, the N series produced some of the Nokia’s most successful smart phones and might prove a strong comeback to the smart phone business to launch the new devices in the series.

New Nokia 3310 version

HMD Global is working on a new version of the nokia 3310 phone as stated by the same website. The handset is going to be considered as the sturdiest handsets ever built. However a lot of details haven’t been revealed about the Nokia 3310.

Android base Nokia P1 smart phone is been tipped to launch the smart phone at MWC 2017 later this month by HMD Global. The handset is expected to begin the pricing from $800 (roughly Rs. 54,500) for 128 GB model and will cost around $950 (roughly Rs. 64,700) for the 256 GB variant as per weeks.