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Nintendo Switch – Problems That Might Cause The Console’s Sales


Nintendo Co. Ltd. is Japanese multinational consumer electronics & Software Company which is one of the world’s largest Video game Company. It was founded on 23rd September 1889. Earlier the Nintendo was the Toy Manufacturer in 1960s but, later on, they turned into a video game company in the 1970s. Ultimately, Nintendo becomes one of the most valuable Company in the market with a market share of $85 billion.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an upcoming video game developed by Nintendo. It was officially unveiled in October 2016 & is scheduled for release worldwide officially on March 3, 2017.

In fact, the Upcoming video game – Nintendo Switch is only left with some couple of days of release i.e., on March 3, 2017. But, before we go ahead for the same date, we took a look at the problems that Nintendo Switch might face before coming out to the market.

Nintendo Switch – Problems That Might Cause The Console’s Sales
Nintendo Switch – Problems That Might Cause The Console’s Sales

The problems that might have looked are:

  • Poor Marketing – Nintendo Switch might fall on the important aspect of Poor Marketing because he has not provided yet the enough information about his video game.
  • High Price – High Price is something that is going to be really tricky about the Nintendo Switch. The accessories of Nintendo Switch are much priced than others. The main component can be bought at the cheaper price but, the expenditure will get much higher when one has to go for the accessories.
  • Lack of Popular Games – Nintendo Switch will also suffer from the problem of Lack of Popular games because he doesn’t make a huge list of his games.
  • Limited Storage – one of the highlighting drawbacks of Nintendo Switch will be the Limited Storage which might cause the negative point in the mind of the user.
  • Paid online services – Last but not the least, paid online services could definitely turn out to be one of the negative aspects of the upcoming video game – Nintendo Switch. This is something that might cause people to back away & switch to the older games.

However, at the time of the official release of Nintendo Switch which is on March 3, 2017, all these negatives points might actually get wiped away.  And, we would think positive & keep our fingers crossed for the success release of the Nintendo Switch. So, that it can provide the strong competition to all the other video games that are currently available in the market or might get released in the coming few days.