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Nikki Haley: Top Aides ‘Told Ex-UN Envoy to Undermine Trump’


Nikki Haley, the former United States’ ambassador to the United Nations, revealed her new book, and it started a new controversy in the country’s politics. Her latest book explained that John Kelly, Former Chief of Staff, and Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State, asked her to undermine some of the President’s demands. While giving the reasoning, they claimed that they are trying their best to save the country. The former Secretary of State did not respond to the matter immediately, while Kelly said he wanted to inform everything to the President.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

John Kelly, Former Chief of Staff, revealed that he wanted the President to know all the pros and cons of policies. As a result, the President could make an informed decision about the plans. President Donald Trump wishes luck to the newly launched book and wrote Good Luck, Nikki. 

More Details From Nikki’s Book

The Washington Post revealed these details before the launch of the book. Nikki Haley said both Kelly and Tillerson said that they are not subordinates, but trying to save the high country. They revealed that the decisions made by them were in the interest of America, not the President. The former Secretary of State further said that people might die if President Trump got a free hand. In response to the request made by the two higher officials, Nikki openly refused their plan and termed it as offensive and dangerous. Nikki further suggests that these people should have been speaking to the President himself, without including her. 

Nikki said they should have addressed their differences with the President if the disputes were not resolved, they should quit. Undermining a President is an unconstitutional thing, and against the vested interest of Americans. 

In a television interview, Nikki criticized the recent impeachment move by Democrats. Impeachment is like a death penalty for a public official.