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New York Times: Parnas’ Lawyer Says Giuliani Told Associate to Offer Ukraine Aid in Exchange for Biden Investigation


In a recPresidentopment, the associate of Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas, revealed that Rudy directed him to issue an ultimatum to newly elected Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. The warning forced the new President to start an investigation against Joe Biden. If the government does not announce any investigation against Joe, then the United States would restrict the present military aid, and the vice president Of the United States, Mike Pence, will not attain the inauguration ceremony of President Zelensky.

Image Credit: CNN

President Trump’s Involvement

Joseph Bondy, the lawyer of Lev Parnas, made these comments to a press. According to Bondy, Rudy Giuliani- the personal attorney of President Trump, issued this ultimatum after the authorization of President Donald Trump. Rudy travelled to the capital of Ukraine to convey this message just before the inauguration of President Zelensky, way back in May. But on another hand, Rudy and other participants present in the meeting denied the statement. 

There is no evidence found against Joe Biden or his son Hunter in the country. Hunter was a board member of one of the country’s gas company. In October, Parnas and another associate of Rudy, Igor Fruman, claimed that they were not guilty against the criminal charges of guiding foreign money to the United States election in 2016. Parnas is willing to help the federal court for further investigation against President Trump and Rudy in the Ukraine scandal. 

On the other hand, President Trump consistently denied such orders. Rudy also refused the statement given by Parnas. He said that he had not given such kind of rules to Parnas. A source close to the matter revealed that Fruman, Parnas, and Serhiy Shafir- a close aide to President Zelensky, were present in the meeting at an outdoor cafe. The conference was organized just days before the inauguration ceremony of the Ukrainian President. 

The recent controversial statements from such a close person will make Trump’s path to the 2020 election even tougher.