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New Version of AMP to be Rolled Out by Google to Optimized for Low-Memory Devices


New Launch! Google has introduced a new version of AMP Optimized for Low-Memory Devices for those users who are currently suffering from low-memory devices problem and want to update their phones regarding this issue.

Google has recently introduced a new scheme called Accelerated Mobile Pages which is most popularly known as AMP. It is beneficial for the users who are fed up of using low-memory devices and want to change their phones due to this problem. It has many other advantages such as image size reducing and so on. It also helps in improving the speed of the device working with weak internet connection in order to access web pages using the minimum amount of data.In a research, Google said that on an average, images from around 64 percent of data of a web page. Due to this, the company then decided to remove the part of image data which is not noticed by the users. Google has also reduced the size of the JPEG image as well as the quality to a point where the difference doesn’t become noticeable.

The image data is fully compressed as per the company, these optimizations reduced data by around 40 percent while the differences are not visible. The Company says that it also converts JPEG images to WebP format for supported browsers which lead to 25 percent of data reduction.


So Accelerated Mobile Pages is a very useful scheme that google has released.With the use of Google AMP Lite, Google uses the “amp-font” tag that allows fonts to be displayed immediately even if the Google didn’t cache them earlier. Google says, AMP Lite will be launched in many countries like Vietnam and Malaysia for the users those who have low-RAM devices.

AMP is like a red bull for web pages, it plays an important role like optimizes and streamlines articles, galleries, and comment sections in the interest of pulling them as quickly as your phone’s Facebook App. Google thinks that it can be even better. That’s the reason the search giant on Thursday declared a slew of improvements to the AMP platform in the form of AMP Cache and AMP Lite. Google is rolling out AMP Lite which is an optimized version of AMP that kicks in for slower internet connections and low-end smartphones.For example, a Chrome user has enabled Google’s Data Saver feature.