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Netflix Spent $200 Million for ‘Game of Thrones’ Creators to Make Exclusive Movies


Game Of Thrones Creators Sign $200 Million Netflix Deal 

Netflix Spent $200 Million for ‘Game of Thrones’
Netflix Spent $200 Million for Game of Thrones: Image Source

DB Weiss and David Benioff who are the creators of Game of Thrones have signed a TV and Film deal with Netflix, its worth is $200 million. According to the news provided by Hollywood reporter, it is a multi-year agreement for which both David Benioff and DB Weiss won’t be producing more shows for HBO. Both the producers have been working as the writers and showrunners on Complete story of Game of Thrones. They will now be producing shows only for Netflix, with the exception of their previous commitment that is of a multi-film deal for Star War franchise with Disney.

Telling The Hollywood Reporter about the agreement that the famous producers have signed with Netflix, its Chief Content Officer said that they were very excited to welcome the best storytellers on the market; he praised their creativity and admitted that the pair of creators have won the hearts of their audiences across the globe with their expertise in epic storytelling. He said that they were looking forward to seeing the effect of their storytelling on Netflix members.

In a mutual statement, Benioff and Weiss showed their gratitude to HBO, they did not talk about the project called ‘Confederate’, which is another history show based on a kind of America in which the southern part was victorious in the Civil War and slavery continued. this idea was floated by Benioff and Weiss for HBO in 2017 and received a lot of negative criticism and reaction not only from critics but the public too.

Many unhappy fans saw it as a project controlled by two men who were white; these creators had a past record that was questionable in concern with racism and slavery in “Game of Thrones” that might treat slavery as a form of stimulating entertainment.

Weiss And Benioff Still Have The Assignment Of Three Star War Films For Disney To Finish

Confederate is a popular program produced by Benioff and Weiss but in recent past, it could not be sent on-air and the fans of the series started anticipating about the reasons behind this delay in the broadcasting. HBO clarified the situation in February that there was no controversy behind this delay but it was the utterly busy schedule of the producers that kept them from making it. Now, it seems that the pair of creators might not make it at all. According to the reports of The Hollywood Reporter the show has been canceled indefinitely, while the agreement with Netflix has stopped Benioff and Weiss of from touching it for many years.

Showing gratitude to HBO the pair thanked the people working at the channel for making them comfortable at HBO for more than a decade. They disclosed that they had been in touch with Ted Serandoz, Peter Friedlander, Cindy Holland, and Scot Stuber for quite some time and have spent long hours talking to them. The said that they still have memories of scenes from the movies of the 1980’s and they liked the same books and they were looking forward to the possibilities of story-telling that they might get on Netflix.

They said that Netflix has come up with something out of this world and they were felling honored to be invited by Netflix to work with them”. Weiss and Benioff will get the credits from HBO that they give to an executive producer for the already planned and in-Production spinoff series of Game of Thrones but they won’t be working on eth routine daily productions.

Hollywood Reporter

According to the reports published by The Hollywood Reporter Netflix is the company that has won the race of bidding when it came to the creative producers. Amazon reportedly spent $150 million to sign an agreement with Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan but the company could not increase its offer to a level that was acceptable for Benioff and Weiss. In the end, Netflix came up with an offer that the producers found attractive enough to sign an agreement.

Disney is the Company that has already signed an agreement with the duo for producing three new Star War movies under the banner of Lucasfilms. That is a subsidiary of Disney, the first film of these three Star Wars series will be released in 2022. The Star Wars did participate in the bidding to avail the remote chance of getting back Benioff and Weiss. So that they could work on the programming for its Fx network.

Netflix Is Spending Affluently To Get The Super Hit Creators Make New Shows Exclusively For Them

Though the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale was surrounded with controversies, Weiss and Benioff were able to get the high sum for signing the exclusive agreement and it was all due to the record success of “Emmys the last season of the fantasy program”. And the experience of the pair of creative producers who had already handled a complicated and huge show famous as Game of Thrones. They have enough experience to produce shows as well as films for Netflix.

According to most of the experts in the industry, the deal is quite an expensive one as Netflix had to sign some other creators too like Ryan Murphy who is famous for “American Horror Story” and Shonda Rhimes who created “Grey’s Anatomy”.

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