Home Headlines Neighbors of the immigrants stepped on to stop the ICE officers

Neighbors of the immigrants stepped on to stop the ICE officers


The rules are very strict in the United States when it comes to the people who are living illegally in the country. Recently, CNN affiliates WTVF and WZTV reported, US immigration and Customs Enforcement officers charged to a home where a Tennessee man was living illegally according to the officials.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

When the officers reached to take the man into their custody, the neighbours of the man defended the man and tried to stop the officers. The affiliates said that the officers were following the man’s van in their ICE vehicles. They tried to pull the car over and then even blocked it but the guy ran to his house in Hermitage, near Nashville.

The man and his son were planning to stay in the van so that they can avoid the detention. They had water, gas, and enough food to survive for long enough, as per the affiliates. The driver of the van informed the neighbours and the immigrant’s rights advocates immediately. The protest stayed for hours. The police department of Nashville was called out, “to keep the peace if necessary,” the police department said in a statement.

The neighbours of the immigrant chained around the father and the son to save them from the ICE. The media was not able to identify the immigrants. “I was really scared about what was going on,” said neighbour Felishadae Young in an interview posted on Facebook by CNN affiliate WZTV. “It put a lot of fear in me because it could be me, it could be my family. It could be anybody. It could be your neighbours, just like it was my neighbour today.” Young also said that he knew the family for 14 years.

“ICE officers chose to depart the scene today without making an arrest to de-escalate the situation,” ICE spokesman Bryan Cox told CNN in an email. Cox said he wouldn’t say “who the agency’s target or targets may have been so as to not compromise a potential future operation that would seek to arrest the individual at a different time and place.”